Base Raiders/It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show – Gate 9 – The Marcy’s Invisible Veranda of Infinite Light

Even the heroes of Gate 9 need an occasional break from raiding bases and fighting villains. Thanks to crowdfunding, three brilliant cinematic legends, Tommy Wiseau, Neil Breen, and James Nguyen, were able to create a movie they co-wrote, starred, and directed called The Marcy’s Invisible Veranda of Infinite Light. Find out what twists and turns are in this fine piece of cinema in this very serious movie!  In order to capture its brilliance, I used the RPG It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show with some house rules to run this very important and possibly solah-powered game.

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to the April fool’s episode. They are always a treat.

  2. A masterpiece of cinematic genius. Props to everyone involved for that daring and coherent narrative.

  3. I want this too be true course I also wanted Tom in this campaign just because sometimes watching Tom troll Caleb is the best part of something.

  4. Really sometimes I just like to see Caleb be trolled by how the others act because of there antics.
    Because of that it makes for some of the best things and that includes the episodes where Caleb doubles down and also does crazy stuff to sometimes just letting go is the best part of a game or ideas too it

  5. What Treehouse of Horror episodes are to the Simpsons, April Fools episodes are to RPPR.

  6. I only know one of the three directors, but this was pretty fun. A nice choice for april fool’s. I still think you need to do a ‘Secret War’ game involving previously played chars from any RPPR games, to save the world’s supply of Bone Solvent by punching dogs. And you should let the fans decide who plays what character.

  7. I’ve never seen any of the movies that these three have put out, but -gods help me- I’m going to have to check them out now.

    I learned it from you, RPPR. I learned it from you!

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