Elder Godlike: Beyond the Limits of the North

Elder_Godlike_CoverElder Godlike is a new crossover RPG that combines Achtung! Cthulhu with Godlike – in other words, superpowered Allied soldiers fighting Nazi super soldiers AND Nazi sorcerers! I playtested the game in 2014 and the game has finally come out. Beyond the Limits of the North pits an Allied commando crew against the Black Sun cult, an insidious Nazi organization devoted to exploiting the Cthulhu mythos as a weapon of war. They have taken over a small fishing village in Norway and the Allies are worried about what they could be doing up there. So worried they send a crew of superpowered commandos to stop them, at any cost. As the landing force draws near to the coastline, the huddled soldiers wonder what horrors they will find in the village.

If you liked this game, consider picking up a copy of Elder Godlike.

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  1. What kind of horrible monster would run this without Tom?

  2. I don’t really know how to feel about this game. The mixture of pulpy superheroes with non-pulpy Mythos seems off, as does splicing Godlike’s powers rules into raw CoC. It feels less like a best of all worlds situation and more awkward, I think. Dedicating harder to horror and making the supers fall in line with that, or vica versa, pulpifying the Mythos (or just simply taking it’s pulpier elements) might have worked better.

    Still, an interesting AP. I wonder how well the game would do with a less combat heavy scenario.

  3. huh. somehow I thought Elder Godlike was ORE. I also thought Elder Godlike was older, so maybe I actually knew nothing at all about it and just hallucinated a backstory when this came out.

    adventure was a little too fitefite for me, but I guess that’s a playtest game for ya.

  4. @crawlkill I don’t think you’re crazy, if only because I could’ve sworn the same thing. If nothing else, at least it’s group psychosis therefore more interesting.

    But yeah, I think there was a small supplement thing for…I want to say some combination of translating CoC to Nemesis and/or Godlike. It might have been a small fan thing instead of Arc Dream, I cannot recall.

  5. Still listening to the AP and enjoying it! Although I haven’t read Elder Godlike I do remember in Godlike that individuals who actually went insane became really powerful beings / creatures.

    I mean Baba Yaga is actually the scariest thing in Godlike, but then again someone who develops the powers of Superman and only answers to ‘Superman’ who then gets a lobotomy due to fear of him becoming more insane and powerful.

    It would certainly make players of Elder Godlike look forward to san checks. ‘Yes, let my character become more insane and even more powerful!’

    Oh and the original Godlike actually has an immortal god with a cult. Will have to check out Elder Godlike and see if Baba Yaga made it in.

    As for the AP my first thought when I heard a remote fishing village and Black Sun = Innsmouth and Deep Ones.

    Going to finish it off now!

  6. Gurderstonk or however you spell the stink bomb guys name was only maginaly more useful to his side than the Dartsman. I feel like this is a balance issue in Godlike but I’ve never played it. I think some of the powers could be really good with planning forsight and all that, like the piano wire guy, and then you have skunk man. But I actually really like the combination of the two settings.

  7. I sat here for three minutes trying to work out a reasonable phonetic pronunciation guide for “der Gestank” then remembered dict.cc will say words out loud for you http://www.dict.cc/?s=Gestank

    my heart bleeds a little when RPPR has to say German words

  8. @James

    Dartsman was far more useful than you think he was, my friend. My power wasn’t as flashy as a howitzer haymaker, Mad Science! and its trappings, terrorizing teleports, or even the high-speed superclimb; Dartsman’s sole power was having a huge honkin’ pile of skill points.

    Now I know it doesn’t seem like much, but making all of the skill checks is pretty useful. And my power wasn’t one that could be resisted, really; there was no expenditure of power to use my skills, so how would the Ubermenschen have resisted a skill roll? “I resist the grenade flying through the air.” “That’s not a magical grenade at all. It’ll still explode.”

    I consider it a compliment that I managed to make his use of power so subtle that you missed it. 😉

  9. @David

    You make an excellent point.

  10. I didn’t care for this one. Sorry guys, I had to cut out after the first big fight. I just felt that David was getting arbitrary rulings against him. Just remember you’re one of my faves, David, and keep on with the quality RP!

    That said, supers vs Cthulhu in WW2 is a pretty awesome setting idea.

  11. This was an interesting one. The combination of superpowers and CoC combat rules gave a big feeling of vulnerability to the PCs: you powers aren’t gonna save you from a rifle bullet to the chest. Superheroes+World War II+Chulhu is a weird three-way crossover, but I found it quite entertaining. It gave me a really strong Hellboy/Lobster Johnson feeling.

    Props to this scenario writer for using Rlim Shaikorth, from the great Clark Ashton Smith story “The Coming of the White Worm”.

    Zero, I know what you mean. After David had spent a whole round getting ready, he totally should have been able to point-blank that skunk guy. It actually got significantly more free-wheeling after they finished him off. And the second section, in Greenland, was more fun too. Dartsman would actually be my MVP for the session.

  12. Very interesting mesh of systems & as the pulp Call of Cthulhu book is in the works, it should be an interesting mix. Sure Hellboy technically had some degree of superpowers but some of the stuff he was going up against was rather mindshattering & leave it up to the WWII forces to try to turn any mythos thing into a weapon as long as it wasn’t going to their own troops.

    And some of the Nazi super powers were rather ewwwwwww but well designed so hoping there’s more like that in the book to just take the super powers then add the horrible monster ideas to it, like teleporting the bullets out of a gun into someone nearby though I think if any teleport inanimate object power happens, I’d go for random military hardware falling or inserting itself vs people just to leave witnesses or survivors in a severe state of WTF?.

    Again a 1-3 RPPR actual plays dive into my wallet & take me to drivethrurpg to get hooked on another book/system. (Plus the new Curse of Strahd book is out too so I’m going to see what kind of nonsense can happen if putting it with Dungeon Crawl Classics or Dungeon World.)

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