Monster of the Week: The Lost Night

lost-nightWe return to the sleepy village of Taos, New Mexico. Last time, a team of investigators stopped an invasion of the Dreamlands but this time they face a strange serial killer stalking the night. Finding and stopping the killer will require more than brute strength and magical firepower. The team has to find who or what the killer is before they can stop it. Can the team survive the night?

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  1. You know, I’ve been wondering lately why it is that Ross releases the new AP’s at 1:00 in the morning, and then I realized that it is probably actually midnight for him (different timezone). Does that mean you have it set up for some sort of scheduled upload Ross? Do you just set it up earlier and then forget it until it comes out? Or do you actually stay up late and release it?

    I’ve been curious about some of the things you do on the technical side for a while now. Have you considered doing a regular podcast episode about the “meta topic” of what goes on behind an rpg podcast episode? I don’t know if I speak for the majority but I actually think that could be kind of interesting.

  2. it’s Faust! I said I was gonna stop saying this eventually but then he stopped appearing in episodes so I have to start again

    nothing is more Ross Payton than casually having the NPCs unleash Nyarlathotep on the world in the last twenty missions of a session

    the depiction of Princess was inaccurate only in that he seemed cognitively capable to have conversations about things only tangentially related to cock, which is not my experience with craigslist hookup culture

  3. twenty minutes even

  4. @crawlkill #2: Patience, patience. The most urgent issue is to introduce the RPPR Players to drugs — any drugs, but lots of them. AFTER we get that painfully missing element added to their repertoire, sure, let’s work on acquainting them with the differences between Grindr and Craigslist fauna. Just think how good the Actual Plays would be then!!!

    My dream campaign is basically the deputies of “Reno: 911!” assigned to Delta Green duty. (Terry would be Nyarlathotep, not that it will really matter.)

  5. I think we need to resign ourselves to RPPR only knowing about smoking drugs

  6. Times Dresden campaign has been mentioned in podcasts having nothing to do with dresden = at least 3. The amazing thing about rppr is that they keep getting me excited for things on the backlog.

  7. Wait, you mean the APs aren’t released at 2:00 p.m.?

    Also, can Ross drink when running more games?

  8. Rum-infused Ross is the best Ross.

  9. Ross is the best moon man.

  10. Drunk ross games reminds me of sober caleb.

  11. Where can I mail rum to so that Ross gets it?

  12. a monthly wasted game with expensive liquor sounds like a good Patreon milestone

  13. I like how when someone finally says, “science doesn’t work that way” in an RPPR game, they’re actually talking about something that’s completely plausible.

    Although Aaron objects to the moon-men imprinting based on duck DNA as impossible, there actually are genetically-determined imprinting preferences; ducklings will prefer to imprint on something that looks and sounds like a mother duck to something that does not. They can imprint on anything, but only if a mother duck isn’t there. There are some famous experiments about which things matter most, involving a female duck and a toy firetruck.

  14. Ack ackack ack. Ack.

  15. I agree with the consensus: salty, drunk Ross is best Ross.

    Also, assuming it isn’t sitting in the background, I think the Paranoia game where they players play Moon Men needs to happen. Bonus points if the players take turns playing Moon Man Ross.

  16. This was a fun listen, with lots of entertaining play between Shaun,Faust, and Aaron. Gosh, I love the moon men.

    That said, I’m not so keen on the design of the adventure. The ending seemed totally disconnected from the initial monster. Two weird fighting golems dukeing it out is cool, but doesn’t seem to have much to do with all the X-Files/Mythos stuff at the end. The stuff the PCs found out about the actual monsters didn’t really end up mattering, because the resolution was that they just had to go to the Long Stairs and fight a completely different monster. It didn’t give me a sense of narrative cohesion.

    Anyway, food for thought. Maybe it was a side-effect of the rum, which admittedly added a lot to the entertainment factor of the game.

  17. Please tell me the April Fools episode with the Rocky and Bullwinkle game will be audio only. I need some audio-only finger puppet gaming on April Fools.

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