Atomic Robo: The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne – Episode 7

robo_picThe finale is here! Caught in the past, the brave and slightly deranged scientists of Tesladyne must confront a genocidal AI before it rewrites history. Aiding them is Tesla himself but can the genius and Robo’s creator even the odds? It’s down to a crazed engineer who thinks he’s a robot, a genetically engineered creature, a former Nazi turned dinosaur and a somewhat reformed mad scientist. The fate of the very universe rests of their unstable shoulders! We hope you enjoyed this campaign. Red Markets begins in two weeks.

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  1. Excellent timing. Just in time for Christmas

  2. Let’s see what you did with time travel Aaron.

  3. RED MARKETS IS NEXT? it was very hard not to use like five question marks and if I were 2% more cretinous I would have

  4. I enjoyed this whole campaign for the most part. However I dunno if it was just buddy badgering but man, there were times you guys were being very difficult to one another and the game, like GM to players and players to GM.

    Apart from that, All the characters were fun to listen to and (despite my previous comment on player/GM butting of heads stuff) all of you stayed true to character through it all, which was both amusing to no end and rather endearing for me with the role playing. These are some very memorable characters.

    Oh and expect that art of Ex-Nazi Dinosaur and Fluffy sewing sometime in the future. XD

  5. I’ve been trying to find that 1885 first known recording of profanity but I can’t. Little help?

  6. Has no one drawn a picture of the Tesla selfie? Why not!?!

    Sorry for the double post.

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