Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 2

In this episode of the New Arcadia campaign, our heroes have begun the fight against the Syndicate – a powerful criminal organization dedicated to consolidating its control over all organized crime in the state. It achieves this through the use of illegal super-soldier technology. Their enforcers are capable of taking down dozens of normal thugs in a battle so they have taken most of the city’s criminal underworld. But our heroes have a lead on the tech used to make the super soldiers. Find out what the lead uncovers in this episode!

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  1. I love Drew and the cops.

    “Me and my accomplice…”
    “Your using perk language! The prosecutor could sit on her couch and eat ice cream, you’ll do it for her!”

    “I’m not asking you for anything.”
    “Yes you are, you want me to run a license plate for you.”
    “Yeah, that would be great!”

    These games are so special.

  2. not six hours long, worst podcast ever

  3. Can’t wait to see how group 2 fares!

    I will admit that after all the drama surrounding the first episode, the tags on this entry are hilarious. Especially since I read them in Cody’s Ross voice.

  4. Oh man, Caleb and Bill are one hell of a team. Great episode so far!

  5. Hey guys I listen often and I am curious to know where the reference “fuck his head” comes from. I understand all of your inside jokes except this one. Thanks a lot! Oh and Caleb, your character is a badass.

  6. Um, not to be rude, but what is up with the occasional whimpering noises? Is that just background noise or is someone in the group making those?

  7. Author

    @Frank – Can you give me a timecode of one of these sounds so I can try to identify it for you?

  8. It’s cool Ross.
    I was listening in the background while doing some work the first time through, and didn’t pay close enough attention. Upon another listen I think the mic was picking up Drew perhaps, maybe clearing his throat or some similar nasally sound. No offense intended to Drew. I just haven’t heard him in an AP before so his voice wasn’t familiar to me.

    Great AP and can’t wait to hear more from this campaign.
    Also, RIP Philosopher King. Bill is dead, long live Bill!

  9. Awesome game!

    Classic Tom:
    Smash into room to slaughter all the enemies in cold blood. Prevent Caleb from mangling the hands of a psychotic killer surgeon.

  10. I am still looking forward to the adventures of the Iron Hobo.

  11. Howdy guys, I’ve only recently discovered your site here, and I wanted to take a moment and tell y’all how much I enjoyed this New Arcadia series of podcasts. I enjoy what y’all do a great deal, but some of your games are a bit…well, let’s say ‘chaotic evil’ for my tastes. I really had a blast listening to these games with more heroic characters. The story and the roleplaying were all very entertaining. Thanks for putting these out. They make my drives back and forth from work much more palatable.

  12. Ohh, I forgot to say, I can’t wait for the next installment! I’m really looking forward to it.

  13. tadanori pretty much sums it up. You guys continue to dish out top quality work. I can’t get enough of it.

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