4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 44: The Eve of War

The Armada of the Old World draws near to the rebelling colonies of the New World. It is up to the Water Barons to prepare the defenses in order to repel the Armada. To accomplish this, they must recruit as many allies as possible, including the unpredictable nature spirits. Only two episodes remain in the New World Campaign!

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  1. The 20 kobolds and their screaming mountain goats win MVP for this session.

    Man. This shit is getting real. I can’t believe it’s almost done.

  2. So there are two more after this one, or including? I thought there was only one after this and was wondering how everything could resolve that quickly unless the last session is either lightning paced or longer than normal.

    Good game though, and yes, the screaming mountain goats shall be a mount option in a new campaign for my group, provided the riders are dwarves or similarly small. Too awesome. Maybe a tiny kobold war chariot pulled by a pack of screaming goats, sled-dog style.

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