A Dirty World: Wages of Sin

In the Great Depression, millions turned to religion to ease their suffering. A preacher in Louisiana ran a tent revival to help the masses and spread the good word. However, on one dark night the preacher is shot in his own home with his own gun. A private eye from New Orleans is hired by his family to get to the truth…or at least a convenient truth that will ignore a few secrets. A jazz musician is also brought into the intrigues as everyone involved finds out that the wages of sin…must be paid.

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  1. Man, that is one dirty world you got there.

  2. Man, that’s some twisted shit. Fun AP, great listen.

  3. Thought that was a great one-shot, especially considering the circumstances (Caleb came up with it that day, there were only two players, etc.). Also, I find it interesting that the PCs were such good guys. A slightly less savory individual might decide that there’s nothing inherently wrong with what certain people in the story were doing – other than the fact it’s a blackmailable offense. That said, I’m looking forward to Ross playing a real asshole in the next Dirty World go round.

  4. ohman. this was merely good, specially in light of the improv nature of the whole thing, til we got to the revelation, which totally rocked me. way dirtier a world than I was expecting. five points. and I’ve only ever got five points to give. those are precious points you’ve got there.

    and I know it’s silly to care, but I always love Caleb’s backdrop queer characters. makes a boy feel all represented n shit. I dunno what RPPR’s gay demographic is like, but I’m sure we all love you. that extends to the rest of the boys, too. Cody’s Gay Wars line in Gaga makes me cackle every time.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. Caleb…god do I love him doing characters. I liked the fact that there were two players. I’m not all familiar with the system and because it was a such a small group, I got a really entertaining story and a nice walkthrough of the system.

  6. a great episode of a dirty world. And there was no PC destroyed at the end, lots of fun!

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