RPPR Actual Play: Call of Cthulhu – U-Boote Heraus Part 2

The epic conclusion to Adam Scott Glancy’s World War 1 Call of Cthulhu scenario, featuring all of the players except Shane Ivey. The players have learned that the rescued orphans have been taken by a mysterious group. Who can they trust and what can they do to save the children and put a rest to the ancient evil that dwells on the island? Find out in U-Boote Heraus part 2!

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  1. Dear mr Glancy,

    Love your game, love the historical facts in the game dont be scared of talking up historical fun things in the cast im sure like most RPPR we love the history and love the long pod cast even more!

  2. I’ve listened to this about four times this week and I’m still finding things I missed the first time around.
    Great game, I love how interactive the city becomes as soon as the players hit the shore. Excellent characters.
    Tom seemed to be REALLY quiet towards the end, did he wander off or something?
    In the off chance that Scott Glancy reads this, I have a question: Is there a connection between the Corsican maggot cheese and the “larva mages” used in the scenario?
    Also, to Mr. Glancy, thank you for what you do. I have purhcased Delta Green and enjoy it greatly.

  3. Author

    I think Tom was quiet because of exhaustion. It was after 3 AM when we finished. Also factor in fatigue from Gencon etc.

    (also Tom is a lightweight when it comes to sleep deprivation)

  4. Wow!
    YOU LIVED! I did not see that coming.
    Enjoyed the exciting conclusion of U-Boote Heraus, I look forward to the print edition so I can make friends and then kill them in hardcore ways thanks to the epic nature of the Great War.

  5. I would really love to hear more Actual Plays run by Mr. Glancy. I love the style of presentation, and I love the constant asides and anecdotes that never entirely stray from the game and always reveal neat little tidbits. He has a wonderful presence in these games that I feel goads the other players further and further into the game. Also, I have to say, I love listening to Mr. Stolze play. His sense of humor just sort of adds to the game for me. This was one of the better chunks of time I’ve spent listening to an AP, and I’d love to see more with ‘this crew’.

  6. Frank Frey: “I ask for one thing if you can grab it for me.”

    Hansrainer Peitz: “Hand grenades?”

    Frank Frey: “No, not a hand-grenade.”

    Hansrainer Peitz: “Two hand-grenades?”



  7. Indeed, so many priceless moments in Heraus! Once again I really enjoyed a Glancy-run game. I can’t wait to see this one in “Horrors of War”, which will be out in [months/years]. Hopefully. 😉

  8. As someone commenting from ThE FuTuRe! and who recently backed the Horrors of War Kickstarter, I pray that this adventure is among those included in the anthology. I can only hope with baited breath that my own players are not as competent/lucky as the players in the AP, and likewise that I can be 1/10th the keeper Glancy is. Keep up with the good work everyone!

  9. Despite the length, this one is quite a treat to listen to. Among all the historical hysteria of odd facts popping up in the game, the local police conversation of spiraling into extra crazy was such a joy to hear before possible mutiny set in. Great work to all involved in this wartime treat :).

  10. Tell Mr. Glancy to get this one into print or pdf. I would be quite happy to purchase this through any variatiey of portals.


  11. Tell Mr. Glancy to get this one into print or pdf. I would be quite happy to purchase this through any variety of portals.


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