Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 7

Just a simpe merchant passing through. Not at all anyone suspicious. Nope.In this episode, Xin’s Crows have uncovered a new lead to the conspiracy that threatens their host army. In order to pursue it, they must navigate the treacherous swamp and its even more dangerous residents. Plus, the quartermaster adds further complications. Can he be dealt with? The agents of the Grey Sky Horde plan to ambush the army at the river crossing. Can the Crows stop the ambush before it is too late?

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  1. omg Aaron’s speech is the best thing ever

  2. There needs to be a follow up game set 50 years later Iron heroes: Voices of the People. Gorilla wars will happen, great leaps will be made forward, millions will die and Caleb will play fishmonger Mao.

  3. Interesting episode. So many schemes!

  4. David wins for looting the spa.

  5. Man, I love these Iron Kingdoms sessions. You’re all pretty great, and the player interactions are all kinds of wondrous.

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