World of Darkness: Inherit

What's the Matter with Kansas? The Derek Bishop Chronicles continue! After surviving the events of Anderson Island, Derek and his motley crew of researchers track down rumors of a vampire in the college town of Manhattan, Kansas. Of course, things are not as they seem. Strange wind storms and disturbances plague the small city as Bishop and company pursue their investigation. Even though they have survived the supernatural before, can they survive an evil as strong as the wind itself?  (Special note: This is actually the second adventure of Derek Bishop. The Festival was posted out of order.)

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  1. apparently my brain can’t distinguish between which podcasts were preview episodes and which had made it to the main feed, ’cause I totally thought this one already had. speaking of, Ross, you ever gonna feed those poor starving hounds who didn’t get it from the Kickstarter RPPR’s Fall Without End playtest? because DANFORD.

  2. Do my eyes deceive me? Do I see Caleb’s name tagged in a WoD game? I cannot wait to hear this. Even if it’s Caleb popping up occasionally to say he does not play world of darkness…

  3. Loved every minute. Ross, as always, you weave story and imagery first before mechanics near seamlessly. To all the players bravo!! Take a bow, you knocked this one out of the park.
    If I had any critique it would be with system familiarity. I’ve played NWoD to the point where I can recite rules by heart, and I know that Ross can do this with CoC and EP, perhaps if you ever get a few cozy minutes in a corner some day, just rehash over the mechanics of VtR again and some of the combat rules from the core. It couldn’t hurt…
    But thats just my triffle little bit, I otherwise loved the flow and impromptu rules you did use as the story culminated in an orgy of snakes and safes, sure to be a new board game soon!

  4. I’m really starting to love Derek and his assorted band of cronies. Fun times all around. 😀

  5. Oh my God; I forgot about the last hour of the game. I get so butt hurt listening to everyone trying to remember the mechanics and working from incorrect information.

  6. Author

    you know, I wonder why so many people are so keen to hear us play the world of darkness. It’s not like we’re going to do any better in the future. Some could argue we’ve never really played it at all.

  7. Everyone knows how much I love NWOD. The system. The setting. Really everything. But with all this whining about mechanics, I’m afraid it’s sucking all the fun out of what is, really, the bestest thing ever. I’m afraid I’m going to have to abstain from other NWOD to protect that which I truly love.


  8. Can’t speak for the whole internet but I do the same thing with every game you guys play. I only say it aloud (by which I mean post a comment) on WoD games because it’s my go to system.

    Caleb, I just hope that you play a literary culture wars character again in the future. You and Thad made this whole game for me.

  9. I get OCD twitches when podcasters do things superwrong in systems I know well, too, but then I remind myself that it was just a dumb two-bit statistics job hacked together by amateurs anyway and that doing it Da Official Way probably wouldn’t make things run any more smoothly, just differently. I find it a lot more frustrating when people get caught up in/pissy about some ruling and chug play than when the mechanics aren’t respected. UNLESS IT MEANS SOMEONE LIVES WHO SHOULD HAVE DIED BECAUSE WITHOUT PLAYER DEATH HOW CAN I FEED.

  10. @crawlkill

    That’s not necessarily correct though. Usually, a certain amount of thought is placed into the mechanical aspects, and they reflect an intent by the authors in how the game is meant to be played, and how it “feels” so to speak. I can understand deliberate rules drift, but forgetting rules is different. Especially when you think you remember them. And, I mean, if they’d been doing nWoD damage right (the + number on a weapon is just more dice. Then all successes are 1 point of damage. So, yes, you can be grazed by a rifle), that would have been slightly fast, yeah?

    But, I’ll admit, I’m different from lots of gamers. I have digital copy of everything I plan on running, I usually listen to someone else play a game before I decide to run it, and I always have a copy open to hopefully just ctrl+f. But I’m also psychologically conditioned to avoid incorrectness, and to not trust I know anything unless I have actually memorized it, so I will also recheck rules I’m not sure of on the fly. But it’s cool, not everyone is technologically savvy or as dedicated to the products people spent many man-hours slaving over to learn and retain the rules as intended.

  11. @omega speaking as a MUSHer (if that means anything to you) who listens to lots of tabletop podcasts, I can say with some certainty that most TT players don’t ever ever touch the books of the games they’re playing and that most GMs don’t learn the rules by anything like heart. and that’s totally fine. tabletop games are basically rules for conversation, and RPPR generates some fantastic conversations, even when it’s not using the rules right. that counts as a win for me.

    it’s important to remember that “rightness” is usually conditioned, not objective. someone just told you that you shouldn’t use a preposition at the end of a sentence or reroll 10s; those things don’t have any cosmic significance, they’re just words on a page with better typesetting than we usually come up with. THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE RPPR SAYING ENTROPICS INSTEAD OF ENTOPTICS OMG SPACEWORLD ENDING

  12. Author

    I guarantee that 99.999% of all game designers do not care if a group gets some of the rules wrong. They care about players having fun and running great games because that is what sells games.

    The one rule we follow to the letter in all RPPR games is Rule Zero:

    And for the record, we are saying ENTOPICS in the current RPPR EP campaign. The system works!

  13. i think one of the main reasons that attracted me to RPPR is that you folks know how to have a good time and not take your fun too literally :3

    (i remember reading from one of the designers of the original shadowrun rpg that the reason why he put so many dice and modifiers and such was to keep the rules lawyers happy so that the rest of us could enjoy our games in peace)


  15. Yeah agree with @crawkill, Why is this just coming up now? A new EP Campaign? SWEET!

  16. They talked about it before its in the Outer Rim and they are all members of the Wild Hunt working for proxy Zealot… Wait no the first part is true the second part is from another campaign I’ve listened too

  17. I love the WoD setting. You could mince the rules up and shoot them out of a cannon and I’d still be delighted everytime you posted a WoD game.

  18. wait, what, Sam? there’s a Know Evil spinoff/fanfiction campaign being podcast somewhere? where? the only other one I know is Ragnerdrok.

  19. Who cares if some of the game rules are messed up when you play. IT WAS GREAT! For all of the Rules Nazis… GET OVER IT!. Ross you are EVIL (and my Fav Liberal) and the Second Best DM (It is now a generic title) ever… The 1st was or old DM. Tom Collins (yep like the Drink), an 82nd Airborne ranger turned biker… He Hated COC, But He said that “This Ross Guy Would Make All Of us Love it..” Great Game Guys… You make my Week. Loved it and Waiting on the next Derek Bishop Chronicles Episode.

  20. Ross, just looked up rule zero from your link…. Go with it…. Love the site, Keep it going…. If you start following all the rules it would ruin my life and I would have to watch TV…. Honey BooBoo…please.

  21. Author

    Dan, for your sake, I vow to never follow all of the rules in any game I run. In other words, keep running games like normal.

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