Call of Cthulhu – Delta Green: Night Shift Playtest

Have you seen the Yellow Sign? Guarding a mall is a strange assignment for a cell of experienced Delta Green agents, especially with the heavy machineguns, body armor and other tactical equipment they’ve been given. Yet as they fight off murderous gangs and encounter unexplained sounds and sights, they realize they aren’t in a mall. They are in another realm entirely…

This is a playtest of a scenario called Night Mall based on ideas developed by members of the Delta Green Email List and the Delta Green scenario called Night Floors (PDF) written by Dennis Detwiller. I ran this scenario 4 more times: twice at Gencon 09 and twice at Dragoncon 09. I will post each game, as every single time I ran it, it turned out quite differently. If you enjoy this scenario, you should check out the original King In Yellow or the King in Yellow wiki.

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  1. as a mall guard, and a person who has seen meny segwa accidents, they like to get stuck on door ways, or lose ruggs. if you hit a door way with onr wheel it will actuly flip you forwoard slamming you to the ground. rugs will do the same if bound u in one wheel.

  2. This was awesome! The rabbit-hole aspect was really great, from whimsy to mind-boggling “god is a blind retard” sort of stuff.

    Really awesome fight scene! ALADDIN’S CASTLE FUCK YEAH!
    I’m totally stealing this.

  3. nothing like a good Warren Ellis reference to truly throw the players into the pit of insanity. good game but kind of wonky pacing and the ending felt kinda anti-climactic.

  4. I was horrified when the mom put hte kid in the suicide booth. I was at work listening on my ipod and apparently at that point my inner monologue turned into an outer monologue, I’m not entirely sure what the guy in the next cubical heard me say but he definetely leaned over and asked if I was alright and if I needed a break.

    Why the hell didn’t Cody go after the mom?! What the hell is wrong with you man!!! I love you though Cody….in a way that dare not speak its name.

  5. awesome AP. Can’t wait to see how the others play out. This really makes me want to run this for my play group.I thought that the sweet buns man was creepy as hell, especially the whole, trying to get into Cody’s mouth. Cody, I loved the christian bale voice man.

  6. Wanted to listen but there is no feed, and no way to get this as a subscription into itunes.

  7. @qbauer – the feed only goes back so far. You can manually download the episode from the above link and manually sync it to your device.

    The RPPR AP podcast is on iTunes though.

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  9. I wanted to run this for my friends so I condensed everything into something more easily navigable, added a couple more events, tied things together with the SCP Foundation and added a possible beginning and end.
    Check it out here:
    Any comments, suggestions, or additions would be greatly appreciated!