Fallen Flag is a group of takers in Trabajo, an enclave located in a train yard in Greeley Colorado. They know this must be their last year on the job. They have to save up enough bounty to pull off the score of a life time, the engimatic “Two Banners”, or die trying. This is the story of that last year.

Meet Half Off, a negotiator with prosthetic limbs and a broken family. Amu, a former photographer turned hardened warrior. McCready, a latent melee specialist trying to connect to his normal brother. Refurb, a falconer and tech expert. Han, a man of few words and guardian of a young orphan. Cutty, a talented doctor and fanatical cultist. Meet the crew of Fallen Flag.

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  • Episode 1: A score to loot fuel from an abandoned fracking site turns weird.
  • Episode 2: What seems to be a simple delivery job of cooking oil has an unexpected complication.
  • Episode 3: The enclave needs sensors, which are conveniently located in a nearby school. Why hasn’t anyone looted the school before now?
  • Episode 4: A gated community must be secured, but the squatters inside have nowhere to go.
  • Episode 5: Escorting a group of refugees through the wasteland is dangerous and pays nothing yet the crew will do their best.
  • Episode 6: A cache of cargo drones is waiting to be looted but the crew isn’t alone in the woods.
  • Episode 7: The train of Trabajo leaves to trade with distant enclaves. The crew finds a job to locate an engineer but things are never simple.
  • Episode 8: A daring raid on a black site to rescue a prisoner pushes the crew to their limit.
  • Episode 9: The crew can sell a huge cache of data but they must do so in secret while other takers search for them.
  • Episode 10: The train travels to another enclave but the crew must do what it takes to keep their secrets.
  • Episode 11: A family needs takers to protect them from bandits.
  • Episode 12: The time for Two Banners has come. The crew makes their preparations and says goodbye to their dependents.
  • Episode 13: The Battle for Two Banners. Epilogues.

Campaign post mortem: The players and GM discuss our favorite moments and character arcs.