Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 3

The Blind Eyes turn their focus to sports! A local and unique sport can only be held if a unique mystical artifact can be brought into the city. The authorities hate the sport because it causes riots and disruptions but the people love it. The artifact must be smuggled through the border and brought to a public square in Crow’s Foot. But once they bring the artifact in, how do they escape Crow’s Foot alive?

Baz – Salty / Oberon Matias Declarmont the Spider
Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide

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  1. This campaign has been the cure for my depression these last few days well I am worrying and waiting to see if I get this job.
    I so appreciate it and RPPR campaigns and one-shots they are all wonderful and really bring me a lot of joy.

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