Zweihander: Into the Green Valley

A band of conquistadors has disappeared in the jungles of Guatemala. A second group sets out to find them, but as they venture into the green valley, they find out that the indigenous people are not the only threat there.

Special thanks to Noah from Thinking Too Hard About Anime podcast to run this game for us!

Ross as Humberto the Gamekeeper
David as Lotte the Sellsword
Birk as Jacob the Man at Arms
Caleb as Grimaldo the Dragoon
Noah as the GM

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  1. Thanks in part to the way the dice went, this episode was a delightful subversion of survival-horror!


  2. “I have Intimidate so I’m going to intimidate it.” That’s such a gamer thing to say. I love it.

  3. A lot of fun thus far y’all! Check out The Elephant and Macaw Banner RPG for more action set in and around this mileu.

    For David: the actual Dutch equivalent of “here, kitty kitty” sounds a bit risque to the English ear, so I think you made a good choice on your Jaguar taunt 😀

  4. @Nate
    You never know if you can scare an apex predator until you try. Though if my real life is any indication, the next roll would have actually been a “Nah, we cool” and the jaguar would’ve become a drinking buddy
    I had a Dutch neighbor whose indoor/outdoor cat liked to roam the neighborhood, so yes. If you think it sounds risque now, picture a sweet old lady calling it out in a sing-song voice at 5am *just* before the coffee kicks in

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