Call of Cthulhu: Risam Vellere

Helos, a Greek Occultist, has acquired a complete copy of Al-Azif. Having a desire to keep this acquisition secret, he has sought the most distant translator possible. Posing as a rich merchant, he has come to Saeferne Abbey and engaged the services of Albinus, a translator. His financial “offering” to the church has gained him access to Albinus, and will protect him unless there is conclusive evidence of wrongdoing on his part. During the process of translation, some dark recess of Albinus’ soul has been awakened…

Rob Stith of the Orpheus Protocol podcast as – Brother Wilmot the illuminator
Aaron as brother Hamon the translator
Caleb as Godfrey the bishop’s guard
Birk as brother Tristam the Exorcist

This scenario was published in Caligo Accedndum, available now.

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  1. Hey guys I don’t know if it’s my audio pod app or if it’s on y’all then but I wanted to point out that the audio Skips a lot when Ross is trying to talk causing it too miss parts…. at least at the beginning.

    I will try to download it and listen to it as a download see if that makes a difference but I thought I pointed out to you guys

  2. Alright so it’s not me, Ross’s audio keeps cutting when you start to talk it’s making it hard to follow I don’t know if this is just at the beginning of the episode or is it clears up later….. I just seem to be having trouble with it

    Regardless I love all the things you guys do, keep up the great work and I hope all you guys are doing alright in thus current mess.

  3. To add on to CarcosaHound, I started listening to this episode and noticed that the words are mostly getting dropped from the beginning and ends of sentences. This may be an issue with the compression program you used, if you use one to cut out dead air, or it may be an issue that was happening during the recording itself, as I know Discord and Hangouts can some times have this issue when it’s set to transmit based off of pickup volume. Hopefully the problem is the former, because then it could be fixed.

  4. Awesome, I’ll download it tonight &listen during my drive Tommorrow.

    I’m a professional Trucker & you guys are the main fav podcast! So listening to yalls AP get me through the longer drives!

  5. I vastly vastly prefer it to include all the gaps. This filtering youve done is making it hard to listen to.

    Its the only reason I dont listen to your Vaporwave pod, the edits make the speech sound rushed, like ben shapiro on adderal rushed.

    Its super super unnatural.

  6. Yes, after listening this morning, I completely agree with James. Unedited makes it flow more naturally like we are at the table. Sure it’s a bit longer, but it’s worth dealing with over wondering what was missed by cuts, or a story that’s too rushed.

    Also agree Atle, Calab DEF shines thru in this!

  7. Author

    We have loosened up a bit at Night Clerk Radio so give our most recent episode a listen – the results may surprise you πŸ™‚

  8. Okay, I came over to see if there was something wrong with my computer or the audio was messed up. I already am hard of hearing, which makes listening a challenge already, and this is a really anxiety-inducing version to attempt to listen to.

  9. Shoutout to Ross for being a horrible monster but being OUR horrible monster. <3 <3 Thanks friend, I can get into Nightclerk now! πŸ˜€

  10. Author

    I have updated this episode to use the unedited version. Sorry again, I will be more careful in the future.

  11. Thank you, Mr. Payton.

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