Call of Cthulhu: The Uncorrupted

In the chaos of World War 1,the Serbian army evacuated to the Greek islands after a death march through Albania, losing over a hundred thousand soldiers in the process. The survivors were scattered across the islands, most barely alive. Months later, the army regrouped at Corfu but teams were sent out to the other islands to find any stragglers. One team of six soldiers, barely recovered from typhus and starvation, is sent to the island of Paxos. From there, they hitch a ride on a fishing boat to the even smaller island of Antipaxos. What they find may even be more deadly than the frontlines…

Thanks to Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing for running this scenario at Gen Con 2017!

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  1. Is this the second draft? I feel like I’ve heard a lot of it before. I like this though. and any shout out to Mr. Vampire. Also I love that drunk Ross month is going strong.

  2. Author

    There is an AP recording of The Uncorrupted from Game Storm 2015 that was made available to backers of the Horrors of War but that was not with the RPPR group.

  3. Is anyone else having any trouble playing this on chrome?

  4. Author

    It works on chrome for me – try another browser or clear your cache?

  5. Was there another Adam Scott Glancy recording done this 2017 gencon ?

  6. Thanks Adam Scott Glancy, Ross, RPPR. Great AP and I really liked the intro background.

    Need to re-listen to Lord of the Peaks.

  7. Out of all of the playtesting, did any group try to hole up with Grandma Badass? I wonder what would happen if you convinced Grandma and her blunderbuss to fight the unnatural. Would she evacuate or stubbornly stay in her home?

  8. I hate to keep asking booze question but were you drinking the Nikki Coffey whiskey? One of my fave Japanese whiskeys (Hibiki is my one true love in that space). RPPR has really stepped up its drinking game.

  9. Author

    We were! Thanks to Noah from Role Playing Exchange for that. I wish we had saved some for the Mixed Six but it was gone by Friday night.

  10. Another awesome Gencon game with ASG! I really love listening to the historical details and the situations he puts you guys in. It’s usually conflicts and situations that you don’t hear much about in the historical books.

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