Eclipse Phase: The Devotees part 2

Eclipse_Phase_The_Devotees-2The Firewall agents sent into Legba have uncovered a conspiracy that threatens all of transhumanity and only they can stop it! Doing so is easier than said than done. Between the ruthless ego traffickers versus the insane cultists and military-grade security systems, do they have a chance of stopping Nine Lives? Their only hope is in turning each faction against the others. Will the agents manipulate the paranoid gangsters and madmen that make up Nine Lives? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of The Devotees!

This adventure was written by Caleb Stokes and is now available for purchase at DrivethruRPG. This AP is a playtest of the scenario so your experiences may vary.

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  1. oh god Aaron as party face “I am a professional Firewall doctorate”

    this was fantastic. sooo much going on. I just hope GMs and players instantiated in flats will be able to keep up.

  2. That was a good session. Too bad Tom wasn’t in on it, but I’m glad Cody had the forethought to ask, “So why don’t we just blow up the reactor?” If I were playing, as soon as we got control of the orbital killsats, Legba would be slag.

  3. Cody wasn’t in this game; he don’t play no more. Drew took over Tom’s character.

  4. Was there ever an explanation for why he hasn’t played posted or anything?

  5. Caleb wouldn’t allow him to play a re-instatiated member of the Wu-Tang Clan in Know Evil.

  6. Oh, sorry. I meant Drew. Sometimes I have trouble keeping everybody straight. Some players have voices that sound similar to me. Shoulda checked the tags. πŸ™‚ Anyway, still a good question. I think that if/when I get to run this scenario, I’ll make sure that nuking Legba is specifically prohibited in the Firewall briefing. I can see Firewall actually wanting Nine Lives to maintain their centralized headquarters, if for no other reason than to keep them easier to wipe out at a later date should it become necessary.

  7. Cody spawned, although I don’t know if that was directly related to his quitting. eugh, reproduction. from his Twitter I got the impression he got busy doing other kinds of nerd things. unfortunately I think his second Kickstarter just failed to meet funding =( can’t remember what it was called now to go check on it.

  8. Another excellent scenario from Caleb, can’t wait ’til my group gets around to playing it. I actually have an Ultimate character I plan on using, so he’ll “love” seeing these other Sentinels playing at being Ultimates.

    Also, yeah, lifepath generated characters can end up pretty weird. I have a completely random roll character that is a ~46-year-old Bengali man in his original Flat morph, despite having been a Gatecrasher, a Banker, and a Smart Animal Trainer. Oh, and did I mention that through some miracle he has 95 i-rep! Yeah, shit gets strange real quick.

  9. That random life path character sounds awesome. 95 irep in a flat that’s only in its 40’s? Dude would a firewall legend–like the Transhuman equivalent of the most interesting man in the world

  10. “Yeah, all you pansy-ass poser gatecrashers with your ‘cortical stacks’ and ‘implants’ and ‘backups’. It ain’t crashin’ if you don’t crash flat.”

  11. Hahaha! That’s great! He’s a pretty strange jumble of skills, and I kind of figure with that much i-rep he’d probably be a proxy or something. I’ll post his stats to the EP thread in forums later, for anybody interested.

  12. I loved TomDrew’s performance!

    The inclusion of Voodoo & soul/spirit terminology was pretty cool, and fitting, Caleb. I can’t believe David was the only one with a “high” Infosec- with only 50%.

    No “Mistakes were made” tag? πŸ™‚

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