Red Markets: The Cooper County War – Episode 12

Despite the devastation of the Crash, wildlife still persists in the Loss. The D4s must navigate their way past dangerous animals and other hazards to secure a cache of rare firearms. As the horde draws near their home, this is their last score before the war. Can they make enough profit to survive?

Ross as Deacon
Maddy as Delta
Aaron as Darlington
David as Dakka
Jason B as the GM

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  1. Just finished this episode and I was left a bit confused by Delta through the story. If I was tracking things correctly, Delta had an Animal Handling of 2. It seems like this would have come up more with the Rhino, Crocs, and Liger. This had me wondering the scope of the Animal Handling Skill in Red Markets. Can someone help break down how that Skill works?

    (Yes I was hoping for more Crocodile Hunter shenanigans.)

  2. Author

    I think Delta just didn’t think to use the skill on the wild animals. If I were GMing a game and a player asked in a situation like that, I would have let them use it.

  3. yeah I can def see a GM saying ‘you know animals but not rhinos’. Caleb even said ‘You guys made awareness, but these are lions’. I’m not sure how I’d rule.

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