Delta Green: Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus

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Delta Green has an unusual asset, a person who can provide vital information on any number of investigations. She is a volatile asset though, so keeping her…intact requires work on the part of Delta Green. But when she reports on a potentially cataclysmic threat, a cell of agents is dispatched to investigate a small community in Maine to find the threat. This scenario is taken from Fear’s Sharp Little Needles.


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  1. hmmm

    what was the poooint about the crystal legs lady intro? that coulda been a whole scenario by itself, and it was super cool as far as it went, but most Delta Green games don’t have a “how you got the oracle that let you know a Night at the Opera was coming” stage, right? it was almost like the beginning of God’s Teeth done rull summary, right?

    it was still pretty fun, tho, I miss Caleb and Bill teasing Ross and Aaron and Tom were comfortably familiar too

  2. Author

    1. Thematically, DG is about dealing with the unknown and chaos you can’t understand. I thought an incongruous setup would emphasize that.

    2. The written scenario is too short for a full game.

    3. The scenario, as written, doesn’t have a great angle for DG to get involved. Having an oracle that magically points them in the right direction before the ritual happens explains that.

  3. I really liked the starting setup, and the entity was “fresh”. Really cool.

  4. I also liked the starting setup – I’ll use something like it in my next DG game. Overall, I thought the scenario worked pretty well.

  5. The setup and ensuing game were great! Huge sanity losses. I thought- “must be dealing with a GOO or something.” I will have to check that one out in the lore.

    Love it when the players have to decide to sacrifice their own lives or live a hermit life, etc… Great episode.

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