Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Tiamat

Smoking moon rocks only gets me to normal :\Delta Green was not always an illegal conspiracy within the US government. Back in 1969, it was still a legal conspiracy (at least for most of the year). A group of agents must investigate the theft of 10 pounds of moon rocks from a secure government facility. Can this disparate group of soldiers and investigators figure out who stole the rocks and why? More importantly, can they stop the thieves from completing their plan? Find out in Drew’s first game as GM!

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  2. this reminds me of a time when i was playing in a Rob Bell Champions GenCon game where the opponent was Tiamat…i knew we were in trouble when He allowed us to stack our energy projector’s flight, being thrown by our brick and his energy blast (waaaay over 20d6)…and Tiamat survived…

    if you want a good time, check out one of Rob Bell’s games at GenCon…he’s quite dramatic & engaging

  3. Yay, conspiracy stuffs. I have recollections of all sorts of Freemasonry and extra Oswalds from some of my old books on this.

  4. God, why does Drew make that weird grunting/groaning noise after every other sentence? It he laughing? Does he have some kind of breathing problem? Is it just his generally smug obnoxiousness leaking out around the edges of his face?

    Drew’s usually turns any episode he’s a part of unlistenable. A game run by him is audio poison.

  5. not bad! a little combathappy, but meh. that doesn’t even feel like so much of a mismatch for Delta Green. I wanna see a game run in the Illuminatus! universe some time.

  6. Author

    FYI Zero Shift was a great addition to the Heroes of New Arcadia and I felt the only problem with this scenario was that we had too many players for a mystery/investigation scenario. Considering this was the first game he ran, I say he did a decent job – especially when compared to certain other first games.

    As for his verbal tic, I don’t care. Many of the RPPR crew has at least one tic that could be considered annoying. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

  7. I thought Drew did well. It’s always hard the first time on the other side of the GM Screen.

    Due to me not being ‘Murican it took me a bit to figure out what the early shock was about, but I kinda liked the scenario in all. Maybe, a bit combat heavy, but that’s all right. Also, maybe there were a bit too many players involved. Made it kinda hard to hear what was going on at times. I really love Delta Green, so I hope there’s more to come (Ross pls)! πŸ˜€

    As far as the verbal tic, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s something you get used to if you don’t let yourself get caught up on it.

    Also, Doctor Headbutt and “Hanoi” was great.

  8. Points to Tom for making a Clone High reference. Did you see the pool?!

  9. Hell of a ride on that one, expected Carcosa to be behind everything. Kinda sad that Tiamat didn’t get summoned but a pretty enjoyable listen regardless. Was definitely getting a Cthulhu Dark vibe and I think the scenario would have been perfect for that system.

  10. Pretty harsh, Alex, and completely unnecessary.

  11. Thanks, Timtombimbomb. I was about to come to Drew’s defense myself. We do these games for fun and post them for others to enjoy. Sure, you can criticize some of our plans, characterizations, etc. However, when you criticize the player for some uncontrollable idiosyncrasy, it fails to be constructive and just becomes hurtful and completely disrespectful. I welcome criticism, but attacking a person directly is offensive and intolerable.

    That said, also, thanks to Levi for liking Dr. Headbutt. I wish I could take credit, but I stole the idea from another campaign. Ross can probably point you in the right direction. It’s really funny, and I certainly didn’t do him any justice.

  12. Points to Aaron for the best last words.

    This may have worked better as Cthulhu Dark. Or with two-three people as moles I think. Also I don’t know how I’d run a game with seven people either.

  13. keep on shining, Drew :3

    (and now i know Ross’ true purpose…to create GM Disciples — Ross, the One True Deity… ;3)

  14. Drew, welcome to the GM club. It was much better than the second game I ran where “Bryson Springs” became a railroad scenario. Sorry Caleb.

  15. A great game in the fact that everybody seemed to have a blast playing (No pun intended Ross/Caleb) but I’m not sure if it should be called a Delta Green game as it seemed to be more of a B.R.P heroes game?
    Great to hear from a new player and kudos to Drew for being a first time Keeper but still running a game for seven players.

  16. Where to start..
    1. Line of the night “Can I please kill the plot point?”
    2. Tom doesn’t play anyone remotely German & a female cast member. All these changes…I don’t know if I’m ready. I mean next think you know Ross won’t be a monster anymore and Caleb will be running Palladium.
    3. Cloned Lee H. Ozwalds…awesome. Perfect ‘oh shit’ moment.
    4. There probably were too many players, it was like kittens playing with balls of string and by string I means unnecessarly NPC torture, explovies and guns.
    5. Dr. Headbutt. (golf clap)
    6. Once again Tom Church shows us the listeners why the Mythos blows it’s o-ring when it hears his name.
    7. Drew, good first attempt. They weren’t as brutal as they were to Aaron’s.
    8. Hanoi Dentist (golf clap)

  17. crawkill’s guide to productive commenting

    will your comment make whatever you dislike go away? (almost never)

    will it make another human animal feel bad in a way they might carry around with them all day, eating at their self-confidence and spawning neuroses left and right just because they are who they are? (quite possibly)

    then seek the positive

    the one thing nerds do not need is more undercutting of their self-image when they dare to do

  18. Here, here Crawkill. Well said.

    And might I add:


    (thousand yard stare)

  19. Sure it was combat-heavy, but you know what? When you’re getting shot at by Lee Harvey Oswald clones, VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER!

    Also, this may go against Crawlkill’s guide to productive commenting, but Alex, you just came off as a total douchebag. Don’t know if that was the plan, but it’s what you did.

  20. If I have one commentary to make it’s that you guys kind of ran roughshod over Drew. I think the combination of 7 players and new DM was inevitably going to end in chaos (glorious chaos). also
    GENCONNNN…. (thousand yard stare)

  21. It wasn’t near as bad as Aaron’s Haunting experience. Drew did fine with 7 ADHD players, or at least better than most DMs would have. I think the only reason we didn’t expose him to the same level of insanity as Aaron was because of the chaos generated by the number of players. Also, I believe Drew showed up on time instead of giving us an hour and a half to figure out what we could do to him for making us wait.

  22. Yeah, The Haunting was a crazy trial by fire, but also a hilarious listen. The Patton bros must return somehow.

    And Jason, you’ve piqued my interest. I’ve had some headbutting madness (I lost my mind laughing when you ran a dude down by headbutting him from your car) and I desire more. I’d love to hear the original you based it on.

  23. I think if I were Drew I would probably have trialed GMing with fewer players, a prepublished adventure, and possibly a system less typically associated with “serious business” roleplay. But still, props for giving it a go.

  24. Sometimes It’s good to dive in to the deep end of the pool first… especially if you have some friends around.

  25. That shit is hilarious. Thanks, Jason. I think you lived up to the WTF-nature of the original.

  26. Apparently RPPR take a “blood in” approach to new GMs. It seems to yield good results so far…

  27. Clone Oswalds seem like a really neat idea, and I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more of them or a descent into 60’s pop culture warped by the mythos with a psychedelic Carcosa at the end. Is that a real conspiracy thing, or did you make it up?

  28. I like the scenario. Having so many players altered the mood significantly. The repeating of questions and miscommunications from players not listening to the Keeper makes it a little harder to listen to than most APs. Drew did a good job with the plot and trying to wrangle seven players.

  29. Your players blew up the moon, killed multiple clones of a presidential assassins and seemed to have fun. All in all, a pretty good session.

    Would work on the clues a little bit more because they seemed a little hard to follow sometimes.

    @Calbeb: “I will continue intimidating plot point until he gives me all the clues” Best line of the game

  30. I may have spoken too soon. The longer I listen to this the slower it seems to get. The story is interesting; it’s really stretched thin and chopping. The bar and house seem like totally unneeded scenes. I’m increasingly empathising with Caleb.

  31. maybe the RPPR crew could hire themselves out to gaming groups that are in blahs or need ‘to rock it old skool’?

  32. Gamers Without Borders? :3

  33. @tadanori, Have to agree with you on that point. The idea was good, the execution was more like a very rough draft. When someone drops Tiamat in a scenario, I had better get some primordial chaos.

    @ drew, The chaos was more player generated than scenario generated and I know you could re-write this into something awesome. Something that might take more donation dollars away from Caleb.

  34. But…but…I like donation dollars.


  35. @Caleb, Metal lord I have displeased you. Must delete quantum hard drive.

  36. To chaotic for me. Sound like a fun play, but a bitch to listen to. Also Drews stress sounds made me feel like he was doing somthing dirty with his other hand under the table.

  37. Impressive for a first game with a lot of players. I honestly expected far more chaos. Kudos to Drew for being a trooper.

    Also, people need to stop being so harsh on Drew. I’ll readily admit that when Drew first started appearing in games I found some of his tics to be annoying, but that’s par for the course with a format that’s 100% audio. Now, I don’t even notice. Same thing with the fervor around Aaron’s tic back when he was new. You’re all great and don’t let the haters bring you down. Game on!

  38. Really awesome episode and props to Drew for stepping up to the plate of GM.

    So…just wanted to drop some fyi in case New Mexico ever does pop up again, the town is called Socorro (So-core-row). I am originally from that tiny little wasteland, unfortunately. πŸ˜›

  39. I’m listening to this episode…

    Right. Now. πŸ˜‰

    I hate being a debbie downer, and a buzzkill, and so on.. but I agree- way too many players this session, way too much table chatter and general chaos. 3-4 player sessions seem to be better.

  40. Finished listening to Tiamat- the episode was pretty entertaining. “So did I!” and “I’m not Married..” good stuff.

    Still, too many players. Enjoyed the story and hijinks.

  41. It’s a bit hard to follow just because it’s audio-only, it was just a bit hard to tell who was talking at times just because I couldn’t see it.

    I have to know, who played The Delta Force theme? I recognized it instantly, and I was like, “Points added.”

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