Fear Itself: Slender man

The Slender Man is a terrifying entity associated with the mysterious disappearances of many individuals.Ā  In the gated community of Fiddler’s Green, four children have gone missing and the case has gone cold. A documentary film crew has just shown up to investigate. Will they find out what happened to the children or will they also disappear into the embrace of the Slender Man?

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  1. Hoorah! More Fear Itself APs, please. These are always my favorites (maybe because I can’t get my weaksauce players to play it).

  2. OHHHHH yes. Been waiting a while for this one.

  3. I really can’t wait to listen to this one. Ross, today you are the man.

  4. Wait, I thought the Slender man game was a NWoD game?

  5. @Charlie72: Candle Cove was an nWoD game. Maybe you’re thinking of that.

  6. Author

    No I did run a short Hunter the Vigil nWoD game based on Slender Man. I ran 3 or 4 sessions before it fell apart. Not sure when I’ll post that though.

  7. Who’s the fourth player?

  8. Author

    a friend of RJ’s named Gilbert.

  9. Awesome AP. Loved the scene with Aaron and the flash drive, very creepy stuff indeed.

  10. So that’s what goons with Photoshop do with their free time….

  11. Interesting to see a new take on the Slenderman mythos – I’ve never seen an interpretation based around film. I’m kinda surprised the whole “he doesn’t have a face” thing didn’t come up, though.

    Nice reference to Henry Hall, by the way. For those not in the know, Hall was the author of a song called “Hush, Hush, Hush – Here Comes the Bogeyman”, where he told kids how to scare the bogeyman away. Fitting.

    Of all the characters Tom has played, I can’t help but think that this was one of the most diabolical. “Film it! You’re fired! I distribute the movie!” You’re evil, Mr. Church.

  12. We were better investigators in the Skype game. Post it! Post it RAW!

  13. Henry Hall’s song was in Bioshock 2. Easily my favorite.

  14. Oh man I’ve been waiting for this since you guys did Candle Cove.

  15. I really enjoy the references throughout the recording: Majestic-12, the German fairy tales etc. I can’t help but think that the ‘FBI Guys’ said to have been there before were an ill-fated Delta Green cell.

  16. I’ve waited so long for this episode, ever since that little whisper way back when. Thanx RPPR!

  17. My job was to get the story. “By any and all means necessary.” Journalism with the military concept of acceptable losses. Nothing finer.

  18. “We need to find some footage of Indians…”

    That line cracked me up.

  19. The Skype game was still better. šŸ™‚

  20. I very much enjoyed this. Great job guys.

  21. This was excellent. Very glad I listened.

  22. Well this is…painfully ironic.

    I keep having dreams of rescuing children from battered homes and delivering them to this highly forested area, an old rocky parking lot reclaimed by nature, the doors to a bunker well hidden by rust and time, outlined by a square of glittering, rusty bottlecaps. The bunker is dark inside, a small hallway lit by christmas lights.

    Somehow I have come to understand in my dreams that the Slender Man lives there, and will care for the children as his own in his own way. Somehow I have come to understand in my dreams that the place that I travel to was once Fiddler’s Green, long ago.

    I do remember reading Sandman Comics, in which Fiddler’s Green left the land of dreams to live as a man named Gilbert. I remember he died in the Dreaming, from how the books went. I harbor a lot of emotions for this place, this person, and I find it…intriguing. I wonder what it all means sometimes.

  23. WOW :3 This would make an excellent short film — the bits when the Slender Man begins taking its victims I found very effectively done. Very good job :3

  24. Okay, this freaked me out! I listened to this at night by candle light, home alone with just the cat for company. And it freaked me out.
    This was a really, really good episode. Thank you so much!

  25. Listening to this for the dozenth time (seriously, I need help! LOL)
    Between this and NWoD version of Slendy, I prefer this version. Dont get me wrong, the NWoD games were fun and pretty close to a Marble Hornets version of Slendy (at least for the first two sessions) but this one seems fresh and new, at least to me. I like how there are so many takes on the SlenderMan stories.

  26. I was just listening to this episode while playing solitaire on my computer. I got to the bit where the conspiracy nut said “It means he’s a Manchurian candidate. Don’t ever let him play solitaire. When he plays solitaire and turns over the Queen of Hearts, it will activate his programming and he’ll kill you all.” At the exact moment that Ross said, “Queen of Hearts”, I turned over the Queen of Hearts.

  27. So not to long ago my uncle (who has always been a little eccentric with UFOs and such) has begun talking at length about colloidal silver and staying alive to endure the apocalypse and stuff like that. And I was wondering where I had heard colloidal silver and other things before… cut to me today re-listening to this episode, Holy Crap! My uncle has become Milton! XD

  28. Would you be willing to publish your notes, so that others could run a similar game?

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