mercAfter a skirmish with exhuman terrorists in a Jovian factory, the Firewall agents are wounded and on the run. Their enemies are onto them, the Jovian police have launched a crackdown in response to the destruction of the factory, and time is running out. Between treating their wounds and maintaining cover identities, can they even recover and pursue new leads into the exhuman threats? They will also find out that their actions have consequences for innocent civilians caught up in the security crackdown. Helping the innocent can compromise the mission though. Can the team split the Gordian Knot? Find out in the second part of the Jovian chapter!

sentinelThe Jovian Republic chapter of Duality begins! A group of sentinels has been sent into Republic to find and stop a cell of exhuman terrorists. Posing as new immigrants or as hypercorp consultants, the team must make contact with a local cell of Firewall agents, and investigate leads while avoiding both the exhumans and the Jovian police.This all must done with basic morphs and limited weapons and tools due to strict anti-tech laws in the Republic. Of course, they could try to smuggle some tech in, but that poses its own risks. Find out how well the team does when they venture into the Republic!

space_station_landing_bay_by_klauspillon-d5g53vnThe Jovian chapter of Duality begins! As we learned from Erasure Squad, a group of exhuman terrorists plan to reenact the Fall in the Jovian Republic. But before Firewall can send in a team of sentinels to investigate and stop the exhumans, we turn the narrative to Shepherd station, a small military habitat. It is a refueling and repair depot for the Jovian Fleet and occasionally renders aid to damaged civilian ships. It also becomes the front line in the warbetween Firewall and the exhumans. Who will triumph in the first battle? Find out in this prequel to the main Jovian chapter!

blame-tunnelProxy Cogburn, leader of the Firewall presence on exoplanet Minerva 4, is personally leading a team of agents to explore a possible X-threat on Wormwood, an infamous gatecrashing site. Wormwood is nothing but a massive tunnel network stretching out for hundreds of kilometers in all directions from its gate. It is believed to be an asteroid, but no one has found a way out yet and the tunnels have yet to be fully mapped. Several weeks ago, a Firewall sentinel and gatecrasher stationed on Wormwood detected a rogue team of explorers who breached a wall and disappeared. Given that Wormwood was built by an alien civilization, Firewall needs to make sure the explorers haven’t unleashed some hellish alien technology that could pose a threat to transhumanity. Little do the other agents realize that Cogburn (formerly known as Gerard) might have a hidden agenda.

ep-botThe Firewall team has found the secret lab controlled by the Jante corporation, but can they get its secrets without being killed? Private military contractors are trying to contain the exsurgent infection, which is not yet under control. In order to get the data they need, the team must deal with both the heavily armed mercenaries and the deadly exsurgent-infected abominations.  Of course, the last group of survivors at the Spa may have made things harder for the Firewall team…