A session of a tabletop role playing game

A team of Delta Green agents investigate a series of strange disappearances in a small town in Maine. They find a hole in a forest and rescue an injured agent, who believes he was pushed. The mayor provides them with information about the victims, and they discover that disappearances have been happening for years. They suspect a serial killer, but find a book of spells, leading them to believe there might be a supernatural cause.

The transcript of this game was generated by Bard.

The voices were generated by play.ht

Art generated by playground.ai

summary written by ChatGPT

(This is an April Fool’s joke. Don’t worry, our regular episodes continue Thursday).

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  1. Shakespearean! Worthy of being in the best of list, if not the absolute best!

  2. Given that AI has clearly cracked the Delta Green actual play formula, what alternate career paths are the fine folks at RPPR going to pursue into the future?

  3. That was amazing. It was better than cats. I will watch it again and again. But man, talk about getting the details right but everything else wrong.

  4. I cried…

    I lost Sanity…

    Ross Payton is a HORRIBLE MONSTER.

  5. This makes sense. In a way, this *had* to happen.

    But also: thank you for having it be relatively short.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  6. Something about the audio just triggered my fight or flight reflex so hard.

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