Fate Core: Cointract Island – Episode Zero

Cointract Island has gone radio silent since a powerful storm passed over. Who would be on the first boat back to the island? In this session, Bridget, Fae, Lydia, and I find out who the main protagonists of the campaign are going to be and what they’re after. We go through Fate’s group character creation system but that’s not all we discuss in this episode. We go over details of the campaign setting and brainstorm some ideas for creatures, both regular and unique boss monsters.

If you want to see maps and some of the monsters on Cointract Island, check out the RPPR Patreon, where we’ve been previewing some of the content!

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger


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  1. Very interesting to see how the characters and campaign was shaped. Do you think you will be posting session zeroes for future campaigns?

  2. Author

    It depends on the campaign. For this one, I felt it was necessary because it’s an unusual campaign setting and I wanted to do some world building in session zero. For some RPGs, session zero takes like 20 minutes tops.

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