Savage Worlds – Future Denied – Part 1

New Veridian is a megacity on the bleeding edge. Vibrant neon signs cast each street in never-ending light, but the darkness of the back alleys is ever present. A group of friends gain strange powers during an attack at a local music club. The mysterious criminal organization Steel Fate wants to destroy them, but why? Where did their powers come from?

If you like this adventure, you can buy it now! It’s Aaron’s first published adventure!

Ross as Luke Targ, a vaporwave DJ
Thad as Randall Ames, an aimless dude
Aaron as Marshall Kenton, a rich kid
Noah as Angelo Southward, a stuntman

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  1. I remember watching this on Twitch and wanting to join Ross in drinking, also I agree with Kyle about missing GenCon for all the bad drinks we get into, along with all the awesome games we all run.

    Great to hear this in Podcase form! Looking forward to the next set of episodes!

  2. I couldn’t finish this, the gm keeps doing these playful bits of banter constantly, like the game is about him not the players

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