Monster of the Week: Barracuda Arizona

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The small town of Barracuda Arizona holds many secrets. At its local high school, a teacher, a student, and a few special friends investigate a series of break-ins of area homes, only to find a burglar made of stone! What motivates this strange creature and how can it be stopped?

Ross as Sugoi Shingami (Steve Rutherford the Mundane)
Aaron as Hal Aldridge the history teacher (expert)
Tom as Alistair the ghoul (monster)
David as Sczaczhivel the angel (divine)
Kat as the GM

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  1. This is a truly classic RPPR episode. Ross, Tom, Aaron and David bring their special brands of character magic. Good job to Kat for managing the craziness. And what a cool monster!

  2. I loved the PC intros!

  3. This episode was amazing. I loved it and it was exactly what I needed on this rainy day for my depression.

    Thankyou for making such wonderful content guys.

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