Eclipse Phase 2E: Chicago 334– The Eighth Sea – Episode 7

The Eighth Sea needs an army, so they’ll have to steal it! A cult has a cache of weaponized egos, heavily modified through psychosurgery to serve as the perfect cannon fodder. It’s stored on the cult’s base on the asteroid Chicago 334. A plan combining deception and a stealthy raid on the base might work.

Tom as Lawrence Octomorph thief
Aaron as Simon, a SAIROC async fork
David as Zemo, hyperelite thrill seeker
Greg as Nil, AGI hacker

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  1. I both really wanna get into this campaign the same with the last Eclipse Phase campaign in Duality but been having trouble doing so despite them being so good could anyone make any suggestions?

  2. Mind going into more detail about in what way you are having trouble DiploRaptor. Duality is great and this keeps getting better and better and wouldn’t want you to miss out on this.

  3. The first 2/3 sessions of Duality just didn’t click with me. It was good but not enjoyable for me which is a strange way to describe it.

    As for this campaign I just don’t know.
    Maybe its the fact I am not a fan of Second Edition Eclipse Phase finding for all its changes for the better other changes it did were far and by for the worse.
    Maybe it was just the initial session.
    It hasn’t stuck with me or struck a cord.

  4. I was sort of wondering about this myself, because while there wasn’t anything in particular that I disliked about this series or the changes in 2e, its taken a while to start to click more with me.

    There are two things that I’ve sort of settled on in terms of why it feels not as engaging, and they’re sort of entwined.

    First off is the pacing feels pretty fast. Like there is a lot less character building or getting to know the characters compared to other series. I think since it is starting with a decently large scope, and the size of activities are also decently large, things just move too fast to really get to know the team as well. Part of the big reason for this I think stems from the pressure to wrap up the current adventure this week, so the other group is able to play.

    This leads into the other reason I think it is slower to grip me, which is the two teams. You’re basically getting to know each group at half the rate you would if there was one group (ie 4 weeks to get 2 sessions with each group instead of 4 sessions with 1 group).

    So it takes longer to get to know each group compared to normal, and on top of that each group feels like they’re spending less time on character development than normal.

    I think if the jobs hadn’t started entwined as much and there was more time to get to know the groups as they laid the groundwork for their organization it would flow better, but I have no idea if the players or Ross had much interest in doing smaller scale crime guys for a bit.

  5. Oh yeah similar to the old Wild Talents campaign from back in the day that was meant to be two groups?
    Before it just became one group

    Yeah I can understand that feeling

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