Call of Cthulhu: Blood and Forge

An middleman named Mr. Bartlett hired a crew of mercenaries in 1899 to help his client ‘acquire’ some land in Montana near the town of Eden. The crew rolls into town expecting to intimidate a few locals into signing away the land but they find something far darker, something forged in blood.

Ross as James Rike, a retired bank robber
Shaun as John Harold, soldier turned farmer
Aaron as Elliot Roth, a geologist
Jay B as Maxwell Coleridge, Texas Ranger turned Pinkerton

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  1. #drunkross is interesting, when getting all of the info dump in one go. I do like the idea of this plotline!

  2. #drunkross and the rest of the party (except Aaron) spinning the idea of kidnapping is just amazing. Miles and miles of rationalization

  3. So much fun.
    “If you’re a housewife and you need to protect your baby, you need a gattling gun.”
    “Here, have some more taffy!”

  4. Drunk Ross is so rewarding

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