Scum and Villainy: The Oddballs – Episode 5

Laser Chainsaw, a notorious criminal, is gunning for the Oddballs! It turns out that the Oddballs have inadvertently framed him for their many space crimes, so he has come to seek vengeance on them. Outwitting the deadly (and aptly named) criminal will take all their cunning and a bit of luck.

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  1. I enjoyed this smaller campaign arc a lot and would love to see some more of it.

    Seeing the groups actions and reputation reflect on the campaign world is one of my favorite thing in rpgs, and it showed up a lot for these games!

  2. Author

    Thanks! Scum and Villainy is designed around how the group’s actions reflect on the campaign world – rivals, faction plots and many other factors all help resolve this on a mechanical level. It is very rewarding to play in the long term!

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