Ruin Playtest – December 2019

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Synopsis: A group of weary travelers find themselves trapped in a labyrinth beyond their imagination. This version of Ruin contains two new game mechanics that we try out for the first time. We also have a special guest player, Nathan Shelton. Check out Frightmare Theater, his new horror anthology podcast.


Shaun as Herbert
Aaron as Geoff
Nathan as Quenten
Tom as Trevor

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  1. What was the deal about Göbekli Tepe being academic suicide for Shaun’s character? I thought it was a legit archaeological site.

  2. I gotta say, I really enjoyed this episode. Just finally listened to it. Would love to be able to run this game, because I’m a huge fan of House of Leaves, Silent Hill, and other related stories. Labyrinths are something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my own stories, and have always found the need to blend them into existing systems like 5e, PF2e, and DG. I love that this game has baked in mechanics that keep it relatively simple for players, and focused on the core concepts of what’s going on. If this is something that will be published as a book, I’d love to buy it. If not, I’d be very interested in taking a peek at the notes and working on creating my own version of it. Otherwise, I’ll use this playtest as inspiration to create my own game in a similar vein.

  3. Author

    I’ve hit several roadblocks with Ruin’s mechanics so I need to figure those out but I hope to publish it someday. I do have something I hope to publish soon that will fit the same kind of horror though. Subscribe to the RPPR newsletter to stay informed!

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