Blue Planet: Natural Law

A prison transport ship malfunction and crash lands near a remote island. The only three survivors are two prisoners and a single marshal. After they find multiple corpses on the beach, ripped apart by an unknown being, they realize they must work together if any of them are going to escape. But first, they must learn the island’s secrets, which may be more deadly than they could imagine.

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  1. Really enjoying listening to your Blue Planet games.

    Makes me a little sorry I didn’t pick up the books in the 90’s, but I had less disposable income then, and Heavy Gear had mecha…

  2. Cool scenario, fun execution, fun RP from the guys, all around great. I can only imagine what would have happened if Aaron was playing, Junior is a great morality pet.

    Blue Planet just keeps sounding cooler and cooler, if I didn’t have a backlog the size of a mountain and not so crunch savvy players I’d give it a go. Maybe once I have the disposable income I’ll get the book just to read.

  3. Which edition is this?

    I think I like this setting a lot already.

  4. V2 – the one produced through Fantasy Flight Games.

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