Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 7

The Gate 9 crew has a new lead on an Ideal base in the Southwest, a former Ideal-centered town called Idealville. However, the town has a dark secret in an abandoned mine just out of city limits. The town’s economy is booming, so it seems everyone is in on it, but what exactly is the scam and more importantly can our intrepid heroes discover it and still make it out alive?

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  1. So my favorite thing here was the return of Corn. While I typed that, more corn. Still more. After dinner last night I owe Jeff a dime I think. Also I’m surprised the PCs didn’t try and skim off the black market connection, it seems like the kind of thing they’d do.

    Last question, I’ve heard Ross say “That’s a goal” a few times, I’d love to see some examples of goals statted out.

  2. Honesty, was expecting the secret to be that they were kidnapping the local youth and letting them loose down the mine to trip the defenses and be captured.

    Also, was surprised that no-one poked holes in the mayor’s claim that he’s the good guy by pointing out the complete lack of due process ect.

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