Delta Green: Inheritance – Part 2

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Decades after an operation in the Catskills Mountains ended, Delta Green has detected a possible threat in the same region. A biotech company has built a research lab at the site where the old mission ended and now the company is acting in a suspicious manner. A working group of Delta Green agents are sent in to investigate the company and follow up on the old case. The sins of the old conspiracy live to torment the next generation of agents…

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  1. Did not see a part two coming. Talk about a curve ball of a plot twist.

  2. all the little ways DG2 is better than DG/CoC are such important ways

    and I really liked the Dirty World-esque structure

  3. Nice job agents. Espeically Aaron. You guys did a really good job in the scenario except for the blueprints part.

  4. Blueprints — not photocopiable? That’s what cell phone cameras are for.

    Great job, Stoner Ethan! Way to not get murdered.

    And good playing, Steven.

  5. Lots of great stuff in this episode.

    Improv Stonerbro Ross is best Ross.

    The pantheon of Ross NPCs has a new star in the sky.

  6. 3 and a half hours in.

    Solid gold gents.

    I really like this episode Ross. I can see myself listening to it again to capture all the little techniques you used to raise tension and create dramatic moments.

    For example presenting choices of quick/risky actions vs certain/more time consuming actions during a) the struggle with the driver of the van, b) Tom’s interrogation of the man and c) Faust’s race against time to find the right key on the ring of keys were handled very well.

    The scene where the cops ‘arrested’ Tom and Faust’s characters was paced very well. Do they take a violent action now or will the next action the cops take put the players in an even deeper disadvantage? The tension between quiet and loud operational player choices is the corner stone of drama in undercover games and it was palpable here.

    By the way, for a very different approach towards the trope of “cults/opponents in authority in a small town,” I highly recommend the mythos story American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett. The paranoia the players feel in a small town setting when entrenched power structures are against them really adds to the sense of isolation even with modern conveniences like cell phones and instant internet everywhere.

    I am a big fan of episodic adventures where the next scenario is strongly shaped by what the decisions the players made previously, like Caleb presented in Preemptive Revenge. Like Bioware games, player agency and influence over the world in expected and unexpected ways is just really cool and I’d love to see more of it in published adventures.

    Everyone did a great job here. Faust, Steven, Tom and Aaron. Great performances. I also really have to give credit to Aaron for playing the character who was doing his best to manage the increasingly sideways mission by trying to reunite the team and being smart about interfacing with the DG handler while trying to hold on to his humanity and minimize casualties.

    I agree with crawlkill, the new DG mechanics really do shine through here.

    Enjoy that rarefied air of being on Team Gallant Aaron and Steven. If only for a little while.

    By the way Ross it’s a Mexican Standoff not a Mexican Shoot-off :p

    Ross if this isn’t a published scenario please write it up. I think it’s really well done.

  7. Author

    I have submitted this scenario to Arc Dream, so it may get published. I’ll let you know.

  8. @Ross, both scenarios? There are so few connected investigations that I always want to see more.

  9. Fun fact: Mike Tyson was actually removed from Punch-Out because Nintendo’s license to Tyson’s likeness had expired.

  10. That was a great episode, also a good example of things going completely sideways and still working out. Holy shit, guys. Goofus team and Goofus team, more like it. 😉

    Walking into a town run by the bad guys, and asking for the bad guys building blueprint. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!

    /Mistakes were made

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