Rifts Reborn

rifts-rebornYou spot a man who obviously does not belong in Denver. His leather jacket and jeans are clean and mended, and his beard is neatly trimmed. More than this, though, is the dangerous grace with which he glides across the ground. Even relaxed, he looks as though he is ready to lash out with deadly blows. His brows are knit with concentration and he never ceases scanning every-thing around him, up and down and side to side. His presence screams deadly competence; you see people move out of his way as he approaches. Far out of his way.You also see the man is a walking arsenal. He has knives strapped to both calves and one forearm, a sword at his hip, a bow and quiver across his back, and a pistol in a holster which slaps quietly against his right thigh as he walks. His pockets bulge with gear, and probably ammunition. He carries his bedroll and the rest of his gear in a dufle, ready to drop out of the way the instant a fight is about to break. Even the bandits who skulk ready to pounce on anyone who might have something of the slightest value, shy away his penetrating gaze and run away if he changes direction towards them.

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  1. Eagerly await this every year. Kudos again!

  2. Lol! Thank you guys.

  3. 10/10 Would listen again.

  4. I lost it when the tuba came out. Then… I lost it more when Aaron played the song of time on the ocarina which turned into daft punk back up ocarina. Priceless

    Great job guys. Best April fools ever.

  5. Best start to a campaign ever

  6. Good session.

  7. Wait, Caleb would willingly host a Palladium session at his house?

    Immersion. Lost.

  8. (golf clap) Well done.

  9. I think there’s some audio quality problems with the recording. I could hear the players’ voices at some points.

  10. New recorder for this session? It was clearer than usual. Or did Ross just start using some noise removal stuff? Anyway, keep it up.

    Did one of you actually play that horn or was it editted in?

  11. @ Guycep,

    We’re still using the H2 Zoom for recording. Bill was playing the trombone and I was playing the ocarina.

  12. Author

    Actually, we’ve upgraded to the Zoom H2N for our podcasts. The N stands for nuclear power.

  13. frankly v disappointed all the Dread Jenga collapses were edited out

  14. The tuba solo leading into the air raid siren was definitely my favorite bit.

  15. You guys seem to think that palladium games aren’t up to snuff in some respects, or am I misinterpreting things?
    I want more Aaron GM:ing! Without people being supermean, and a game that can be listened to, please?

  16. I’m still waiting for Aaron to run a Dirty World game.

  17. Did you put the chip bag around the microphone? Great episode.

    Still a better love story than Rifts.

  18. Ok. You got me. I was all excited that you had designed a fix for MDC until I heard the chip bag.

    Damn it.

  19. Would not the bigger prank be o actually play Rifts and force us to listen to it.

  20. How it should have ended:
    Caleb: Ross, how much do I have to pay you to not run this game?
    Ross: Uh…20 bucks?
    Caleb. Okay, here ya go.
    Ross: All right, this has been RPPR! See you next time!

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