Fate Core: Save Game – Castlevania

Castlevania1_1Save Game is a setting for the Fate Core RPG about old school video games. Specifically, it’s about a group of heroes in the video game universe fighting the evil glitches that are infecting and corrupting everything and everyone. One such group of heroes has been tasked with traveling to Castlevania and determining which of the major characters in that game is secretly infected with the glitch. It won’t be easy – there are forests filled with monstrous enemies, ruined towers to climb, and of course, fish guys. Can this dark realm be saved from the glitch? Let’s play to find out!

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  1. Fishman/Mermaid Dating Simulator. Out of nowhere. This is why tabletop RPGs > video games, as much as I like both.

  2. I Can Make Almost Anything Into a Shank is battling it out with Twelve Steps is a Lotta Steps in my mind for best aspect ever

  3. I want more from this setting. Perhaps a Retro City Rampage campaign?

  4. Save Game does a lot of things right and really hits the “feel” of vidja games. I used to use Fate Accelerated for silly game-inspired scenarios, but this is much, much better, and honestly a little easier than FA is some ways.

    It is also perfect for a Captain N style game/campaign. Why limit the number of games to use when you can use ALL THE GAMES. ALL OF THEM.

  5. Really great podcast, great way to kill some time! Keep it up! 😀

  6. Ross, you do know your listeners! I wanna hear more about Fishman Frank and the Mermaid queen!

    What, nobody had the glitched boss’ death sound queued up on their phone? 2/5 would not bang.

  7. I get the feeling Tom gets bored with these sorts of more fantastical games. I mean I know he’s The Stoic of the group, but he doesn’t get too involved in one-shots, or am I reading him wrong?

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why you guys decided to go right off the rails into the dating simulator…twice, once in the middle of a boss fight, but it was interesting and Ross played it well.

    I know Aaron played Mighty No 9, and Anne played someone akin to a Streets of Rage game, but was David a bad Castlevania knockoff, I wasn’t sure. Would’ve liked to see him get more spotlights, but that’s just because I’m rapidly becoming a fan of his 😀

  8. Man, you guys did a lot of talking to NPCs for a group that completely failed to take the talking to NPCs skill.

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