A Dirty World: Dr. Nova’s Going Away Party

In the transhuman future, rich jerks still build gaudy skyscrapers but on MARSIn the distant future, Mars is the home of transhumanity, while earth is a ruined wasteland. Most of the population are corporate wage slaves and are only placated by vapid entertainment produced by hypercorp-contracted celebrities. These musicians, actors, and athletes live under a system not unlike the Hollywood studio system of old. They have money, influence, and an adoring entourage of lackeys but they have little control over their own lives. Gossip bloggers and studio executives manipulate the stars like puppets. Paparazzi and obsessive fans stalk them night and day. However, a ticket on Dr. Felonious Nova’s Ark Ship out of the solar system has opened up. When you’re a nearly immortal but incredibly jaded and burned out executive or celebrity, a way out of the rat race and into annals of history as a hero is worth more than anything. The ticket will be given to someone at Dr. Nova’s party. Yes, this is a Dirty World game set in the Eclipse Phase universe. All hail RPG schizophrenia!

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  1. Yessssss, more A Dirty World.


  3. I seem to remember this also being a “homage” to Willy Wonka… this is going to be good, I can tell. XD


  5. I got this strange craving for a ‘like’ button when I read the description.

  6. so is Greg Stolze paying Caleb some kind of licensing fee for being the living embodiment of Devious Deceit

  7. Disappointed to not see Mistakes Were Made tag. I guess it is just implied.

  8. Sorry, I hoped for a good old RPPR game, but insted got a boring interactions over interactions over interesting premise. Where are the games matching Candle Cove, Lover in the Ice or at least Night Clerk? *sigh*

  9. I think we got our first RPPR hipster

  10. Great show, guys. Caleb’s insane character has to be my MVP for this game. I also liked the feedback to Ross at the end there. Good stuff, addressed some of my own thoughts about how the scenario was being run. I think this has the chance of being a fun little congame! Especially as it was hard to see the Willy Wonka reveal coming in amidst the bleak dystopian eclipseverse.

    Actually, the thought struck me towards the end, but then I went ‘Naah, it’ll never happen. Ross is a monster.’

    And Aaron, you finally, FINALLY, got your just reward for always trying to play the good guy. Congratulations! What will you do now that you’ve finally gotten your payout after all those long years of goodguyism? Flip the coin, and be evil until that pays off too?

    Gotta have some new roleplaying experiences, after all.

  11. Alright! I’ve been dying for some more Eclipse Phase.
    Setting it in the entrainment industry (which can only be even more bizarre, self absorbed, and excessive in the future) sounds like a great new take on the EP universe.

  12. Here’s a suggestion for a possible way to up the PVP and start eating through those points more quickly. Maybe instead of having one horrible secret, each player could have two horrible secrets, each handed out to different players. One of them could be handed out to just one player, and be worth 5 points instead of 3 or something, and the other could be handed out to two different players, and only the one who uses it first gets the benefit, which gives people an incentive to pull out the long knives as early as they can. And I think it would fit in with the concept of the .1% living in their own very separate, tiny little world that they all know multiple secrets about eachother, but there’s a lot of social capital at risk in ever bringing them up. I wonder if a game mechanic could be made to represent that sort of thing.

  13. unrelated to anything, I’ve started recording training videos for my job and I’ve definitely been unconsciously mimicking Ross’ verbiage and intonation in starting them saying “eyyyy! this is myname with organizationname”

  14. As it turns out, all RPPR productions are actually an Apple of Knowledge hack to slowly replace our egos with Ross Payton. He is, after all, a mind controlling, horrible monster.

  15. It took me a minute to realize Tom’s secret was *playing* with his octomorph servants: I thought Aaron was hinting that Tom was *eating* them, and now I have a fantastic idea for an NPC.

  16. To his octomorph call center workers: “I’m sorry, you’ve only sold 1,374,239 credits’ worth today. You need to make at least 1,500,000 to keep all your tentacles. Let me just start up the fryer here…”

  17. This was a fun episode. I liked the crazy personalities of the players and NPC’s, as well as the backstory we caught a glimpse of during the trial of an Exsurgent outbreak that had to get nuked.

    The only thing it was a shame to remove the player’s muse and mesh access. I guess the problem was you were using the dirty world system and there were no rules to accommodate those abilities, or they otherwise conflicted. But if there is way to fit them in, I think they would add an extra dimension to the social interactions.

  18. @Capitalocracy: And then it goes up to 1,600,000 credits the next day. “Pshaw, don’t get so inky about it when you can just regenerate them later. Such a shame the squid all died out on Earth, but man is nothing if not adaptive, and I have a hankering for calamari.”

    …The very word “calamari” is probably racist as shit in the future.

  19. @Pattom. I think Tom said the same thing back in Know Evil

  20. @Zero: I just started listening to Know Evil again. In the VERY FIRST SESSION, the bioconservative terrorist calls Preston “calamari,” and then half the mahjong game in the next episode is spent making octopus sushi jokes. Apparently that was my favorite moment of the campaign, rather than Ocean’s Eleven on the Moon or the criminal trial as popularity contest. 😛

  21. I loved the Wonka Twist.

  22. @The Immortal Laureate:

    “We think the cat superior because we have (or most of us have) a particular philosophy to the effect that life is better than death. But if the mouse were a German pessimist mouse, he might not think that the cat had beaten him at all. He might think he had beaten the cat by getting to the grave first. Or he might feel that he had actually inflicted frightful punishment on the cat by keeping him alive. Just as a microbe might feel proud of spreading a pestilence, so the pessimistic mouse might exult to think that he was renewing in the cat the torture of conscious existence.” -G.K.C.

  23. I finally listened to this after all of the Eclipse Phase and A Dirty World- a Very Thorough Murder. Willy Wonka ending FTW! /spoilers

    Great stuff, and I found out there are RPPR hipsters from this thread!

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