Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 19

Boundless by Ean MoodyIn this episode, the Heroes of New Arcadia return to earth and find out everyone has learned of the doomsday asteroid and its destruction. To say it causes a stir might be a bit of an understatement but the Heroes have no time to ponder the ramifications of their actions because the superhuman convention is in town! Thousands of self-empowered humans, aliens, and magical beings have ventured to New Arcadia to talk shop, trade, show off, and party! Of course, the federal authorities have their own plans in motion as well. Can the Heroes balance the chaos of the convention with the machinations of the government? What other trouble is in store for them? Find out as the global tier draws closer to an end!

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  1. Boom.

    Also, Pericles and his eagle always crack me up.

  2. That Aaron didn’t get to party with Daft Punk is the greatest travesty of this campaign.

  3. so is there a third tier to New Arcadia, or are we starting to circle the close here, too? life after NA and Know Evil will be so new!

  4. Needed more of the PC’s being together in this one. I do like the sense of dread at getting something they want.

  5. Man, you guys are great.

    I’m also really surprised that you guys went so quietly with the cops. I’d have been like “Fuck you, you don’t have jurisdiction over the places I was when I did that shit.” and I would have made them come and pull me out of the crowd if they wanted to put their imperialist dicks in the ass of my liberty.

    But that would have gone horribly because Ross is a Horrible Monster, and there’s no way any of those FBI agents would have had enough brains or common human decency to realize what a terrible position they were in. So I guess you guys were better off.

    Please, please tell me you guys managed to flip the Rossian government of dickholes the giant bird. Just, give me this knowledge.

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