Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 16

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Synopsis: In this double length episode, the Heroes of New Arcadia contend with occult assassins, bone solvent, and escaped souls from hell, among other things. In the first half of this episode, the heroes learn that a sinister assassin from a death cult is waiting to strike but can they track down this villain before it’s too late? In the second half, a revenant from the pits of hell is tracking down her killers.  The Heroes will be put to the test. Can they save the day? Find out in this two session episode!

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  1. Isn’t this episode 16?

    Yep. File’s right, might wanna change the title though, Ross.

    Other than that, always glad to hear more New Arcadia! Although I’m always on the lookout for more CoC. ALWAYS.

  2. Ross has been huffing the bone solvent again. It has been proven to have an affect on cognitive numberology. Proven in STUDIES.

  3. Oh, I thought Base Raiders was a supplement for Wild Talents at first. Any way, insta-backed. Now to fire up this AP! 😀

  4. Was I the only one that got a repeat episode? Frickin’ podcast app. 🙁

  5. Old Man: What’s our password Margret?
    Margret: It’s our dog’s name.
    Old Man: WHICH ONE?! We’ve got five of’em!

    First thing I thought of during that scene.

  6. I love that Science Ghost keeps getting distracted by questions after making a joke about something.

  7. maaan, the New Arcadia PCs are so goddamn good. and they only get better. as much as I fucking adore Know Evil, the large cast and sandboxy nature of New Arcadia still makes me think of it as “the first RPPR campaign I’ve listened to.” I think you’re a little too unwilling to let characters come out on top when they’ve struggled enough to deserve it, Ross Payton (particle collider base pain!). on the other hand, their suffering is hilarious. so hard to decide! will this uncertainty stop me Kickstarting? it certainly will not. keep on keepin, Ross Payton, we lub you.

  8. Half way through, loving it as usual.

    I have to agree with craw though, and have to wonder what happened to Ross, perhaps as a small child, to turn him into such a Faustian Monster.

  9. Author

    uh huh, you just keep thinking that as you listen to the rest of Know Evil. I’m a goddamn saint compared to Caleb.

  10. “Screw you Texas” … Hey <_<….

    Just kidding, great episode

  11. I have a theory about how monsters are made. It comes from listening to Caleb and Aaron. Apparently Caleb’s first game was “The Haunting” where he played a nice man and seemed un-monstrous. Similarly, Aaron is known as being a good person. But as time goes on, look at the games they run. Caleb’s having NPCs burn children in Eclipse Phase and Aaron ran a game about cartoon mice where the living envied the dead.

    Clearly, monsters are made by running games for the RPPR people.

  12. Literal fucking flower power

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