Red Markets: The Cooper County War – Episode 8

The D4s found a cache of valuable technology. Computers that can still run Adobe Flash are incredibly valuable to people interested in exploiting old programs created by the government and large corporations. But a group of heavily armed bandits (some might call them mall ninjas) hold the computers. Separating the machines from their owners is easier said than done.

Ross as Deacon
Maddy as Delta
Aaron as Darlington
David as Dakka
Jason B as the GM

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  1. Damn David went for the jugular for drama with Aaron’s dependent

  2. Pre-listen: the score sounds like something Aaron won the roll off for so that will be nice to see it turns out to be.
    Fingers crossed nothing to crazy happens while they are out and about (RIP Dexy)

  3. Post-listen: well damn! That is heavy duty dependent drama. Legs were a fun one this time around, also delta getting super joyful was nice. The job site was a mad house of excited one things kicked off and for no reason F*** the DHQS.
    Smashing job all.

  4. this was a really good episode. I know I haven’t commented much on these later RM games, but I do enjoy them.

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