Fiasco: News Channel Six

60% of the time, Fiasco is fun 100% of the timeThanks to Bill, we here at RPPR managed to play an entire game of Fiasco, using the rules, more or less. We chose the News Channel Six playset, which led to a dark Anchorman-esque game, as written by Warren Ellis. Drugs, lies, schemes, and man-rooster fights are all part of the news game, especially when Ramble Turducken is the head anchor of the local news. Find out how dark the news can be in this very special one shot!

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  1. Definitely in Top 5 Funniest RPPR games, imo. Was almost rolling around at one point. Great job, everyone.

  2. I love how this story starts just a bit crazy and well… #ManRooster, man that was great!

    There are some who speak of the Power in the forest, a man no longer, who fights for truth, justice, and all white meat chicken.

  3. it’s funny, this is the second group I’ve heard that plays Fiasco almost all in conversations more than narrating characters’ physical actions. is that the recommended style in the manual or somethin, or does something about it just pull people into that all-dialogue riffing? the guys who got me into it over at Ragnerdrok interact with it like a more standard roleplaying game. but they’re fiascexperts.

  4. So this is the second time Aaron has played a pot dealer, IIRC? Wasn’t there a Dirty World game where he did that?

  5. @ Mr. Fantastic

    Andrews Fortune

  6. Yes, that was it!

    They did reference it a little further on from when I posted.

    “Running from prostitutes,” teehee.

    Awesome game, guys.

  7. there needs to be more fiasco. this was so awesome.

  8. As I said on Twitter, great game. Was pretty damn funny and the whole..well it’d be a spoiler, but I’ll just say, the moment was king.

  9. At the beginning I was a little annoyed that Caleb sounded fairly drunk. Personal peeve of mine, gaming and drunk. But nope, that only help facilitate insanity. Like a slow motion train derailment, it was beautiful.

    Man Rooster…damn.

  10. That… I don’t even… That was… I want to say “good”, but that’s a little too morally-upright a term for what that was.

    PLEASE play more Fiasco, guys! (and make sure Caleb drinks before it again, too.)

  11. Great game. I love the constant scene chewing and just crazy crazy twists and the put downs. I sort of want to listen again to take notes on my favorite lines but a few I did note –

    “I got out of the man rooster fighting game years ago.”

    “Does your contract know no passion?”

    “Is it the mustache?”

    This one I am not sure of but I think Caleb says “She is in the suit she is fair game!”

    And Ross comment about Aaron how he has come a long way from running from prostitutes. He really has.

    Maybe I use it a cover for my own bad behaviors but I don’t mind a drunk Caleb, or really any of the cast. Aaron drunk could be really amazing or possibly terrible and I suspect there is no in between. It seems like Fiasco would function a bit better with some light social lubricant but again perhaps that is just my own biases.

  12. there’s a Shadowrun podcast out there where some of the players get so drunk they can’t follow the action and/or pass out but as long as it stops short of that I think it’s amazing. then again, <drunk, so.

  13. I… I… This game it was truly truly outrageous. In all the best possible ways that I cannot describe. Comedy games with RPPR crew are amazing. Games were a single member is drunk are amazing. One-Shots are amazing. Fiasco is all 3, also fun to hear another game of it with the actual RPPR crew.

    (Also kickstarter to get RPPR to do a Little Fears campaign were Tom and Ross are both players and whose kids are dating in that awkward 10-12 year old way. And Tom’s a german)

  14. Really fun listen. Fiasco is, as always, such a fun train wreck to watch.

    Excuse me a moment while I get my rules lawyer on though.

    When picking a white or black die for a scene it is not about whether you succeeded or failed at your goal, it’s whether things went positive or negative for you. To clarify the difference, when Franklin Powers got the cock fighting information about Ramble Turducken, he succeeded at his goal. He was also pulled into the the world himself, which was not exactly a positive thing. A black die could have been awarded there because of the danger Franklin now faced.

    Another nit pick, while you can pick the die type for the resolution at the beginning of a scene, in general, they advise against it. The point of picking before the end, is usually meant to be in the middle of the scene, when you’ve already got some idea of what direction the scene is going as a way of making the scene more interesting.

  15. “I wear no mask.


  16. God, that was one of the funniest games I’ve hear in a long time. Tim hit it dead on with the constant scene chewing: every one was at the top (or bottom?) of their game.

  17. Props to Ross for man-rooster Cogburn.

  18. The last scene. oh my god the last scene where Ross’s character tries to stop the fight. I cant feel my sides im laughing so hard

  19. Fiasco is just that, a Fiasco. It is easy to go dark and silly in the game. Something I haven’t seen yet is a serious drama with the rules ,but then the last playset I tried was MyLittlePony:Friendship can be a fiasco.

  20. as soon as man chicken fights were introduced, I knew that is how the game had to end. Very very funny, Caleb was outrageous as Ramble. Aaron played a good counterpoint to him, but I will say Bill’s story got lost in there.

  21. I think we have a new candidate for the Best Of RPPR Actual Play page. Actually, I’m certain of it.

  22. Loved it.. I can never walk past a guy in a chicken costume again without laughing….

    Loved the EVIL News broadcaster “Thats one Big Fish” looks into the camera “I’m comming for you boy”….Fantastic.

  23. That was an interesting performance, and shit got real in the second half. Man-Rooster stuff was so great. Great performances all around. See you in Syndication!

  24. Does the infamous game where Aaron went running from the prostitutes exist in the archives somewhere?

  25. @Tim

    Andrew’s Fortune pt 1

  26. We need more Fiasco

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