Call of Cthulhu: Sunset of the King

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Synopsis: In this one shot, a group of filmmakers has been gathered to create a very special film, but as they soon realize, the writer and director is a madman, armed with terrible powers. So what do they do? Make the movie, of course! It’s a surefire way to get into all the film festivals! What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. what a cool concept. the pacing did feel a little weird, but eh.

  2. Oh my god, that was hilarious. The joyous abandon with which the players embraced the madness, and just kept making things worse was just classic. You could tell they were having a great time setting themselves up for catastrophe.

    But damn Tom’s rolling skills are just about empirically verifiable at this point. Madness!

  3. another perfect radio play :3

  4. Talk about combining horror with comedy! This was excellent.

  5. Seems like a prequl to Hotline. I’m kind of bummed they didn’t go to the mother for more money.

  6. Now I say dear fellows that this was excellent. Now time too listen to those ‘B-Sides’ *hearty laughter*, that I just picked up

  7. Now I want to watch “Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, And More Pirates.”

  8. Fucking amazing. I know Ross loves his Carcosa, and I was kinda down thinking eh another Carcosa. But wow I am amazed and shocked how it unfolded! I only wish they could have made the movie! I of course by no means don’t mean any disrespect Rosses love for the king in yellow. He always does good.

  9. @ Jack

    It’s kind of an in-joke based off of a movie night involving rum.

    A couple of the ladies from work and I were planning a Flynn film marathon with the movies Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk, and Against All Flags. When trying to explain to a ditzy teammate, we called the night “Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, And More Pirates.” To this day, she is still convinced that it was one long movie…

  10. …Well.

    B-Sides, eh?

    For money.


    Thanks Ross. I’m sorry I’m too poor for your tastes.

    Want to hear the saddest part? I’ve listened to every episode you’ve ever released.

    I don’t expect to be appreciated, as I’m not really contributing anything, but the fact that you want people to pay to listen to your podcasts is hurtful.

  11. Ross may be a horrible monster, but he made the B-Sides the way they are because of how AP episodes worked in the past for Kickstarters. When I’d pledge for a Kickstarter by Ross or Caleb for the early-release APs, I would binge out and listen to them all in a week or two. But, when they were release on the main AP site, I would have an entire week where I wouldn’t have anything new to listen to, since I had already listened to the AP.

    The B-Sides are a great idea, it’s episodes that won’t be posted in the main AP site because they are ‘not as good as the others’, the truly great APs will still be posted on the main site, but all of those games that are not golden hits and that would generally not be posted on the AP site at all are now released separately for the people that REALLY wanna listen to them and therefore are willing to part with a bit of money for them.

    Ross won’t suddenly turn RPPR into a pay-site, APs are still gonna be released every five days for free and they will be the cream of the crop too. The episodes bought would have never made it to the AP site anyways (some are from 2009, I’ve noticed.)

    So really, there is no downside to the B-Sides idea at all.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention, here’s something that Ross had posted on the forums too.

    1. All B Side material will eventually become free, but it will NOT replace regular episodes. I’ll just dump a package of a B Side on a separate page a year or so later. This includes the bonus content. The page will include a message along the lines of “This bonus package of AP episodes was made available thanks to the donations of listeners like X” for anyone who bought the B Side.

    2. B Side material will be material that would otherwise not be made available at all. First one will be a batch of con games.

    So, even if you don’t pay anything, you’ll still get the episodes eventually. Just like the Kickstarter early APs, except they won’t interfere with the regular AP posting cycle.

  13. Author

    @X – All B-Sides will be released to the public after a delay. Volume 1 will be made public on August 14. 2014.

  14. Having visited the mothball fleet in question, in the dark of night, I will sincerely tell all readers that place is creepy as hell. The ships warm up in the day’s sunlight, only to cool after sunset: creaking and groaning and shuddering as their metal superstructure shrinks and pops.

  15. It is hard to imagine given the vast monies made by Ross on his podcasts and books and everything that fuels his 1% life style he would stoop to charging for some content.

    The reality is the content will eventually show for free and I Ross can put a few dollars into his and pocket and keep the site going more power to him.

  16. errr, man, x, that was shitty. the whole author/editor/podcaster thing is Ross’ livelihood. he offered a bunch of shit he otherwise never woulda released so he could buy four Starbucks coffees a purchase and you’re bitching about it? =| dude. man. speakin as a guy who aches for dem B-sides and can’t buy em right now, even without the released-for-free-later thing, I still woulda thought this was awesome. check your privilege, guy.

  17. Don’t mind Ross charging a little for hours of *extra* entertainment. That said…I wish he’d stop posting pictures of the house made of gold, the rocket car, and the money pool he got with alllll the money he made from the B-sides. Damn 1%er. He truly is a horrible monster.

  18. That was an epic 2.5h, thanks for sharing it!

  19. Thanks for another great AP, I enjoy them more than most other forms of audio entertainment. I’m not sure why anyone would begrudge paying for it, particularly when publishing that entertainment isn’t free and the majority of it is provided free of charge.

    Keep on doin’ what you do RPPR crew, I’ll kick some cash your way when I can.

  20. This was a fun one, and one that cried out to be done. Sure, maybe we do tend to assume that anything GM’d by our host is gonna slide into the damned city of Rosscosa, but it’s worth it.

    However… my paycheck from Ross is late this week, so the deal is off. I’m no longer gonna download hundreds of MB of content from his site just to run up server fees. Just because having more expenses makes him feel “important” and “popular”, y’know, it’s not my problem.

  21. I’m curious what the movie was that people hunt radioactive animals, it was never mentioned.

  22. Loved it. I want to see this movie. Hey think of all the money saved from the crews that didn’t make it back. You guys are alot better than the guys in H Wood now making movies…. and your special effects are so LIFE LIKE.. Thanks. always love your COC episodes. Maybe the next thing is a travelog of Carcoza?

  23. I’m disappointed Aaron hasn’t commented on this one yet (given that his fellow players were considering feeding him to a monster 🙂 )

    Great job guys, and thanks!

  24. Hey Ross. Just read the post by X.. forget about him… It is a great podcast, and if he don’t like it he can pack sand (old army term) You guys put out good stuff, and If someone is bitching about it and not paying screw them… or send them to Karcoza..

  25. This one was awesome. It is good to see a game like this once in awhile, where the players drink the crazy guy’s kool-aid.

    Then they go back, make some more kool-aid, and drink that. This time, there are also poisoned cookies. Oh, then there’s a Ball.

  26. Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller.

    That was the best AP I’ve heard yet. You could hear everyone having So Much Fun and the roleplay was 100% all the way through.

    I really want to see the film! And hang out with Robert, he seems nice.

    Also this would be an excellent introductory game of Cthulhu. Everyone knows how… eccentric people can get on a film set so there really isn’t much of a jump into wibbly madness and then the moonlit lake of Carcosa.

    Thank you for all the APs. Great stuff.

  27. Hey. I loved this actual play. I was wondering where I could find this scenario to play. Did you folks write it or is it published somewhere? Anyway, thanks!

  28. Author

    @Luc – I wrote the adventure. It’s not published anywhere, but I’ll probably write it up as part of my next big project.

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