Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Operation Eyes Down

Picher Oklahoma is a real place and it is a real fucked up town. News: Support RPPR regular Caleb with his new Kickstarter! This is your chance to get Bryson Springs, Lover in the Ice and other original scenarios.

Synopsis: Delta Green can’t afford to send out agents on every mission. On low priority missions, they use friendlies, who are personnel with mythos experience but have not been inducted into the conspiracy. When an informant tips off Delta Green about a company up to no good in Picher Oklahoma, they send out a team of friendlies to investigate. However, little do they realize that they will stumble upon an ancient war between two mythos factions and that not everyone is entirely honest…

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  1. By Cthulhu’s motile, omnivorous, transcendent, panreactive, dangling ovaries with built in womb-tongues, trust RPPR to bring us the latest in scenario locations!

  2. love traitor PCs. my new bullshit is having a PC who’s half-possessed and soaks up sanity points other players lose in his presence, to achieve black metamorphosis at the end of the scenario if he’s picked up at least 50 or whatever by then. I learned it from watching you, Ross Payton, mister share-the-insanity-wealth!

  3. Another wonderful game turned so, so wrong… and by wrong, I mean right. Almost everyone died! I’d call that a successful Cthulhu game.

  4. Another Cthulhu game where everyone wins. Well, except the dead. But hey, blood orgies for the cultists. Awesome.

  5. By the Elder Gods, what a chaotic mess the last half of the scenario turned out to be! Good job, Ross!

  6. I almost laughed myself out of my chair with the Admiral Ackbar 8 Ball line. I have to give the game ot Aaron. “That’s a terrible Idea. I’m coming along.” That sums up CoC perfectly.

  7. As a person from Chicago going to school in Norman, Oklahoma: I can confirm that Fertilizer is the only thing that exists in Oklahoma City, and The Mounds are creepy at night.

    Also, I am very much hoping I come across an extra twenty dollars before the end of June. I very much need to run Lover in the Ice for my group.

  8. An interesting session. A little hard to listen to with all of the note passing and stuff going on without being talked about, but that air of paranoia and confusion is pretty much Delta Green to a T, so good job.

    Aaron continues to be my favorite Cthulhu player. That is all.

  9. Is this Tom doing some live action cthulhu?

  10. David was absolutely on fire this game, he impaled about half of his rolls and made everything else until the PVP happened.

    But oh man if both chars would’ve shot each other simultaneously, that would’ve been so good.

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