Call of Cthulhu: The Night Mission

At Gencon this year, Caleb and I sat down for a chance to play in one of Adam Scott Glancy‘s WW1 Call of Cthulhu games. This time, we were pilots for British Army on a night time bombing mission. 3 de Havilland DH4 planes, each with a pilot and gunner. Unfortunately, one of the bombs was dropped on the wrong place and certain seals are broken. Find out what the hapless pilots awaken and if they make it back to friendly territory!

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  1. “You’re in a jacuzzi of you’re own blood.”

    Another awesome Glancy episode.

  2. I just recently listened to the old pre-APspecificRPPRsite trenchwar game this dude ran at a previous Gen Con! I liked it, but I think I like this one better. such a neat scenario. Call of Cthulhu-as-Steam Birds totally sans investigation. I think CoC’s got a lot of room for high-energy ohshitohshitohshit point A to point B “every twenty miles on this hundred-mile journey some unique horrific thing happens” travelhorror in the style of a Green Box audit on wheels and I haven’t run into enough of it yet. would love to see more.

    so many neat recordings came outta this Gen Con! was this the first one Caleb’s ever attended? I still can’t get over the fact that he’s new to all this shit. he’s so much fun to listen to.

  3. *Girly squeal* New Adam Scott Glancy AP! I have to say, some of my favorite CoC APs are the Dig To Victory and U-Boote Heraus, and I was real excited when I heard on Unspeakable! that you and Glancy were talking about recording more games.

    This scenario is pretty awesome too. I must say, now that I know Byakhee look like phosphorescent space wasps, they are even more terrifying (Because I have an actual phobia of stinging insects). And this AP features a return of “Machine Gun” Ross, who continues to be devastatingly lethal with automatic weapons.

  4. YAY MOAR ROSS AND A MACHINE GUN! Adam Scott Glancy best guest keeper ever!


  6. This game should be showed to anyone who calls CoC rules inflexible.

  7. “When the monsters see Ross, they make san checks.”
    “Before they go to bed, the monsters check under it to make sure Ross Payton isn’t lurking under there.”

    Love it. And very true.

  8. Short but sweet. I enjoyed the high flying action, shit was terrifying. Steal from the best you say? I think I will.

  9. I could barely handle the awesomeness of Adam and Caleb in the same room! 0_0

  10. Hi Guys really enjoyed this. Is it published anywhere?

    Would love to run it for my group in the UK



  11. “The Night Mission” is currently unpublished. If you want to see it (and other Great War scenarios) in print, then buy more Pagan Publishing products. We are steadily working our way down our to-do list and the ingredient we are always looking for is more money. So buy our stuff and we’ll keep supplying you with more unusual Call of Cthulhu products.

  12. Fantastic session, as is usual with Mr. Glancy onboard. U-boote Heraus, Dig To Victory and now Night Mission are some of my favorite Actual Plays associated with RPPR and some of my favorite podcasts ever. You guys sure know how to make things suspenseful and fun.

    Sterling work!

  13. First time listening to this site and this episode got me hooked. While listening to the session I remembered the german landscape I flew over as a crewchief back in the 1980s. The way you described it and the way the players reacted was beter than any movie could have done. Thanks from a retired RPGer

  14. I LOVE the WW1 CoC episodes. I a big WW1 history nerd and this is part of the reason why. I first heard the U-boat scenario from ASG and it got me back into WW1.

  15. God, how I would love to sit in on one of these games – not even necessarily to play. Heck, I’d be happy just to sit and watch in person and chill out with you guys. I must have listened to most of these over and over so many times in the past year, but I never get enough of them.

  16. Hey get with ASG and get some of these WW I scenarios published. If money is a concern, then let’s do a Kickstarter. This scenario and Uboote Raus! were awesome and I would love to have them in paper or pdf format.

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