Call of Cthulhu: Divine Fire – The KGB Files part 2

A team of KGB agents in cold war Berlin have to find an escaped German madman and bring him back to custody. Little do they know that darker forces are at work and as they draw nearer to the madman, the more they put their own lives and sanity at risk. The thrilling conclusion to Tom’s second part of the Divine Fire trilogy!

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  1. This picture is accurate.

    I love this whole session. Tom wins at characterization of npcs. Especially creepy ghouls and mad scientists.

  2. Tom, I thought both episodes of your Divine Fire – KGB Files were great and you’ve got a talent for creating some really disturbing PCs, creepy NPCs and very memorable scenes…

    I’m thinking about running your Divine Fire scenario for my gaming group in a few weeks and the comments, thoughts and suggestions offered by Ross, Jason and Aaron definitely gave some things to think about until its my turn to kill, I mean guide, my group of PCs.

    I think Aaron did an all around great job over the two sessions (much respect Aaron!) and I thought his ending was very poetic. Jason’s “torture” scene made me laugh, but I have to wonder if thats a good thing or a bad thing? And then there’s Ross… ***shakes his head***

    Oh Ross, congrats on the win man!

    Thanks again for the great game fellas!!

  3. Can’t wait for Divine Fire Part III, Tom. I love how you sell the NPCs.

    Leaving the mic on for a critique of the game was a nice touch, too. I’m just getting started as a CoC keeper and it’s this kind of analysis that helps me prepare my first original scenario.

  4. @blucthulhu Likewise!

    I can’t wait for the RPPR CoC ransom, just saying.
    I owe all I know about running kick ass games to Tom.

  5. This was off the chain. Good work to everyone involved. Might be time to set Jason up with a psychiatrist. >_>

  6. I loved the original Divine Fire and these follow-up sessions were just as compelling. You’ve got a solid gasp on the ‘less is more’ technique for running CoC games- in other words not going all crazy with mythos monsters but instead letting players jump at their own shadows for a while. Well done man!

    If you were going to write the scenario up the only thing I would suggest would be to add more ‘investigative’ options for the players mid-session. (IMO the best CoC games are the ones where the clock is ticking and there is barely enough time to look into all the dangling threads you want to while sorting out the good clues from bad ones.) Perhaps they could even stumble upon accounts of the original Divine Fire sessions along the way? That would not only add to the build-up but also tie the scenarios together more. Just a thought.

  7. Gah! I meant “grasp” instead of “gasp.” Although for a CoC game perhaps gasp is more appropriate after all…

  8. love this scenario! love Aaron’s moment of truckdriver heroism! love love LOVE Ross as wicked Russian secret agent! I think the guys are right and that it could probably be a little thicker with events in the middle, but that’s readily build-intoable.

    Call of Cthulhu seems to make for awesome one-shots. makes me wanna run one before summer steals my players away.

  9. (imagine I’d posted that comment on the right AP)

  10. oh wait I did well now I’m just confused and confusing good times

  11. So….. what happened the the “Welcome to Siberia” PDF?

  12. Loved it, even reminded me of the time in the 1980’s while in germany. All of the abandon buildings and old bunkers from WW2, and what they did there. Your use of the Fiend was truly cool, hope I never have to have him ride shotgun.(previous session). And I loved the insanity of stallin the came out. yet again great session.

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