Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Convergence

You are cordially invited to a Night at the Opera. A town called Groversville is a hotbed of UFO activity and one of its residents has recently shown…disturbing inhuman abilities. You are to meet with your cell and determine what is going on in the town.

Be Seeing You.

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  1. What a way to end a game. I can’t wait to play my first session of CoC/Delta Green.

  2. Insects with pikes, jabbing at Cody….well we’re getting closer to bee queen rape.

  3. Awesome game!!! Kudos to the author of the adventure, kudos to Ross for his execution of the adventure, and kudos to Tom & Cody for being totally into the game!!!

    I was totally creeped out during the tub sequence!

  4. Cody: “This tentacle thing just tried to force it’s way down my throat…”

    (Thats what she said!)


  5. Dudes. . .epic.

  6. I listened to this game while I was working in the basement at Cox South. During the tub sequence, something banged against a pipe and I was completely freaked out. Great game.

  7. [spoilers]

    Nice. It was interesting to listen to. I’m currently running this adventure for the second time. The first group forced themselves into the Town hall, got attacked by the protomatter spawn, fled in panic while setting the Town hall on fire, called in the CDC, fled the town before CDC arrived and then they died from the protomatter sickness.

    The second group has just found the body of Scott Adam and Jane Allen. They got kind of freaked out by Nancy (I played her like she didn’t have a care in the world and she acted very weird) and the protomatter in the motel room.


  8. I ran this a few weeks back, and my situation was much the same as Bobbo’s. They became fixated on Town hall, broke a window in the back and started shooting at the Protomatter mass, which caused it to rampage through town after them. They did successfully lead it to the nearest gas station, which was able to burn it badly enough to take it out(along with lots of gunfire, and some cars being rammed into it).

    Long story short- gas station blows up a round or two later, they call the CDC -one guy was actually a CDC agent!- and got the hell out of town, thinking they’d “Won”.

    They blew through the scenario so fast that I decided they didn’t get the sickness (weren’t *down* with it) and heard about the town later, through a government cover story.

    I went with Ross’ diary idea at Jane’s parents house, and the results were much the same. 🙂

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