Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Operation Obsidian at Fear the Con 3

In this investigator’s opinion, COL Wade’s motive for launching OPERATION OBSIDIAN was his obsessive need for revenge. This investigator now believes that COL Wade was more deeply affected by his previous experience at Angka Watt temple complex ruins during OPERATION GLASS SLIPPER than his post-mission psychological examination revealed. OPERATION GLASS SLIPPER was successful, insomuch as the entity known as the Black Buddha was detached from this dimensional reference, but it was not killed. CAPT Wade’s responses to Dr. Roth indicated he believed that the entity would have been eliminated if the team had access to sufficient firepower. It is this investigator’s belief that OPERATION OBSIDIAN was COL Wade’s attempt to test that theory. Unfortunately, Wade’s methods were…unsound.

This scenario is based on notes from Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing.

This game was run at Fear the Con, so thanks to the crew at Fear the Boot for inviting us!

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  1. Praise the Skull!

  2. Love the episode. I actually one of them was going to shoot the injuried soldier they found.

  3. “You look in Nyarlathotep’s eyes and see keylime pie.”

    Love it!!!

  4. Great game, easily the most directly lethal CoC game I’ve personally witnessed. I enjoyed the leaping out of the plane alot.

    “So it eats me?”
    “No, it missed you completely. It bite through your parachute straps.”

  5. “None of the pilots survived you think”
    “Well they are welded into their cockpits”

    “Haha yeah, they are pretty much fucked!”

    *all laugh*

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