A mercenary company known as the Hunting Pack discovers a magical gate to another world, Nagalisitu. Time flows differently in Nagalisitu. A hour in the normal world is a year in Nagalisitu. Its people overthrew evil immortal sorcerers but have no civilization. The Hunting Pack tries to aid the people of Nagalisitu by introducing new forms of knowledge like literacy and numeracy. But as mercenaries, they do not have the knowledge necessary to raise the people of Nagalisitu by themselves. They must bring scholars, priests, and warriors to the gate and quickly. Eventually the two worlds will merge and if Nagalisitu is not at least the equal of the nations surrounding it, they will surely be conquered or destroyed by the warring medieval societies around them.

This campaign was recorded in the fall of 2018 to early 2019.

Episode 1: The Hunting Pack negotiates with a local noble for a job but when mysterious raiders attack their base camp, they drop the mission to hunt the raiders down. When they track the raiders down, they stumble upon something impossible.

Episode 2: Daryl the Squinty-Eyed did not appreciate the Hunting Pack abandoning their mission for him. The leaders of the Pack are arrested and must defend themselves in court.

Episode 3: The Hunting Pack has a team of diplomats and scholars to educate the tribes of Nagalisitu. Can the peaceful diplomats get along with the hunters and gatherers?

Episode 4: Uniting cannibal sorcerers with hunters and gatherers is a complex task. Will Diplomacy win over war?

Episode 5: The Hunting Pack returns to the world to gather priests. Old love and family ties surface as intrigue grows.

Episode 6: Palace intrigue intensifies as the Hunting Pack stirs up revolution and prophetic revelation.

Episode 7: A society of philosophers may not need religion, but the Hunting Pack tries to introduce faith anyway.

Episode 8: An expedition into the wilderness to discover the source of evil uncovers a vile threat.

Episode 9: Warriors will strengthen Nagalisitu but recruiting a new company will be difficult.

Episode 10: A split in the Hunting Pack leads to chaos in society.

Episode 11: Some of the Hunting Pack try to lead while others have gone on personal quests.

Episode 12: At this point, the Hunting Pack no longer controls society. Their fate is in the hands of the people they have tried to help.

Episode 13: The Pack rides in one last mission in the world to ‘recruit’ bankers and other financial experts.

Episode 14: All journeys must come to an end. The Pack’s quest is done and it is time to reap what they have sown.

Post-Mortem: A discussion of the campaign by the GM and players.



Bonus: A gallery of The Hunting Pack’s outfits at their last party together! All art by Patsy McDowell.