When is a threat to the world not a threat? The prophecies speak of a paradoxical threat, the thing that is but is not. Alecto, a member of a secret society is tasked with solving the riddle, armed with only one lead: James Edgerton, a missing writer. She enlists two brothers with experience in dealing with unnatural and impossible threats. They soon discover some threats exist beyond the walls of sanity, beyond the realms of comprehension. Dare they cross the threshold to confront the thing that cannot and yet must be? Perhaps some stories are best left untold but how can you know unless you listen?

Tom as Hugh Vogel, the Monstrous
Baz as Colin Johnson, the Spell-Slinger
Lydia as Alecto, the Initiate

A crime scene technician attacks his coworkers for seemingly no reason during a murder investigation. Two brothers, each attuned to the supernatural, are called in to find out what’s going. They know that the evil is centered in the badlands, a place on the outskirts of the city. It is the home of the Death Stratum, a mysterious and murderous entity. Can the brothers stop the monster before it’s too late?

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Tom as Hugh Vogel, the Monstrous
Baz as Colin Johnson, the Spell-Slinger

A whistle blower in a mysterious corporation called Modular Synergy warned a Hong Kong citizen group about Temporal Energy Angular Reflector (TEAR). The corporation wishes to conduct tests but the second lead scientist, Dr. Deng Zhelan, has gone on a bender in Macao. Players need to find out what he knows and get his key card. The machine is somewhere in Kowloon Walled City and only a team of FIST mercenaries can find and disable the machine before it destroys Hong Kong!

David as Bendy
Baz as Applebee’s
Chris as Rush

Away from the watchful eye of national intelligence, a cadre of exceptional misfits is assembled. These soldiers of fortune are uniquely equipped for covert and unusual operations. In these uncertain times, the line between science and superstition has been broken, and the new arms race is only beginning. You, or your associates, may be faced with weapons, tactics, and actors unlike any you have ever seen. For a price, those exceptional misfits can help.  When you’re all out of options, it’s time to call FIST.

A team of FIST operatives heads into a remote abandoned Soviet facility in the desert. People from nearby towns have disappeared. Strange lights can be seen at night. What is going on there and why is the space shuttle there being repaired?

Chris as Rush  (improvise/morbid)
David as Bendy (sharpshooter/contortionist)
Thad as PSYCHO BLASTMAN (henshin/rage/detonator)
Aaron as Red/Blue (synthetic/henshin/statuesque)


A tech billionaire died inside the Printed House, a building-sized 3d printer. The police are unable to conduct an investigation because corporate lawyers have barred them from entry with an injunction. A small group of paranormal investigators learn that the Printed House is a nexus of supernatural power that could end the world. They must sneak inside and find out its secrets if they hope to stop the evil.

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Aaron as Celeste Halifax, Searcher
Tom as Anton, Monstrous (man-bat)
Thad as A. W., Spooky