The crypto enclave Cointract Island is offline. A powerful storm knocked out all communications with the outside world but it’s been silent a bit too long. The first boat back to the island is loaded with mercenaries, lawyers, and a trio of unlikely heroes. They all seek their fortune on the island but first they have to figure out what happened without getting eaten by a genetically engineered creature…

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger

Cointract Island has gone radio silent since a powerful storm passed over. Who would be on the first boat back to the island? In this session, Bridget, Fae, Lydia, and I find out who the main protagonists of the campaign are going to be and what they’re after. We go through Fate’s group character creation system but that’s not all we discuss in this episode. We go over details of the campaign setting and brainstorm some ideas for creatures, both regular and unique boss monsters.

If you want to see maps and some of the monsters on Cointract Island, check out the RPPR Patreon, where we’ve been previewing some of the content!

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger


View the full map and description of Cointract Island!

Cointract Island is a paradise for blockchain tech entrepreneurs and investors. Founded by Cointract DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a biotech company, Cointract Island allows for unlimited biotech research and development. Thousands of people live and work on the island, thriving in an environment unrestricted by regulations. Genetically engineered creatures serve the island’s citizens, controlled by cybernetic implants that run crypto software. Buy the right NFT and you can command your own creature! Three residents, a software developer, a scientist, and an executive assistant are living their best lives, surrounded by countless monsters who serve at their beck and call. They’re looking forward to tonight’s party at the island’s only night club. Join them as they experience a Night on Cointract Island.

Bridget as Samantha “Sammy” Carlson, executive assistant
Lydia as Dr. Hypatia Sunstruck, a lab scientist
Fae as Septus Lawson, Cointract DAO Programmer

This is a prequel adventure to our upcoming action horror campaign, Cointract Island. I’ve been previewing artwork and content of this campaign on the RPPR Patreon. Join now to see what else is in store for the campaign.  We’ll post episode zero of the main campaign next so you can meet the main player characters of the campaign. These PCs are definitely NOT the heroes of the campaign.


A whistle blower in a mysterious corporation called Modular Synergy warned a Hong Kong citizen group about Temporal Energy Angular Reflector (TEAR). The corporation wishes to conduct tests but the second lead scientist, Dr. Deng Zhelan, has gone on a bender in Macao. Players need to find out what he knows and get his key card. The machine is somewhere in Kowloon Walled City and only a team of FIST mercenaries can find and disable the machine before it destroys Hong Kong!

David as Bendy
Baz as Applebee’s
Chris as Rush

Away from the watchful eye of national intelligence, a cadre of exceptional misfits is assembled. These soldiers of fortune are uniquely equipped for covert and unusual operations. In these uncertain times, the line between science and superstition has been broken, and the new arms race is only beginning. You, or your associates, may be faced with weapons, tactics, and actors unlike any you have ever seen. For a price, those exceptional misfits can help.  When you’re all out of options, it’s time to call FIST.

A team of FIST operatives heads into a remote abandoned Soviet facility in the desert. People from nearby towns have disappeared. Strange lights can be seen at night. What is going on there and why is the space shuttle there being repaired?

Chris as Rush  (improvise/morbid)
David as Bendy (sharpshooter/contortionist)
Thad as PSYCHO BLASTMAN (henshin/rage/detonator)
Aaron as Red/Blue (synthetic/henshin/statuesque)