Screams Amongst the Stars: The Blue Butterfly

Razin 4 is just another destination for a crew of spacers on a cargo mission but they’ve hit a hitch. They’re supposed to pick up some starship engines but sabotage has slowed their production down. The factory manager offers the crew a special job at a high rate to find out who’s sabotaging the engine production. The crew can’t leave without the engines anyway, so they go planetside to find out what’s going on. The Blue Butterfly awaits.

Screams Amongst the Stars is a rules light sci-fi horror RPG. I liked the rules so check it out!

Jason A as Liam O’Conner
Chris as Dider Leong
Maddy as Zaina Guyface
Tom as Owen Murphy
Ross as the GM

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  1. Ross’s rendition of that poem has to be my favorite. Wish he would of recited it more.

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